Why? Because We Can!
Why? Because We Can! Attitude. Campaign. Future tradition. Good will.


In one good day, Berlin citizens will start to see the mysterious "People in Red", who are doing little good things on streets - Things that are making streets happier and cause positive surprises and curiosity. But nobody knows who these "People in Red" are and why should somebody care to do such things. There is only one link - they are wearing big slogan on their back / on their vehicles : "WHY? BECAUSE WE CAN" (or German substitute). After the curiosity and these positive operations have reached the highest level with one week or month-long actions, there will be the other part of campaign with big and simple red outdoor prints saying:



Berliner Sparkasse


In future it might become a every year whole town one day or one week event where all Berliners can put together their team to clean their home streets and make other good things just because they can.



Helping young school kids and old people over the road, on high traffic streets, bank officces, undergrounds, cleaning streets from trash and old autumn leaves, asking from people how it would be possible to make their street or life better and if possible then helping them immediately + all kinds of little and surprising specific actions that are needed on every street and neighborhood.


Visual part 1: 

People dressed in red with slogan on their back: Why? Because we can! Also cars or cleaning vehicles with the same message on the sides.


Visual part 2: 

Big and clear red outdoors with slogan: 


Because we can!

Berliner Sparkasse

+ Little description about what has happened in the first part of the campaign.



After the attention/buzz has created with one or two season (or year) actions, the idea should be directed to "Why? Because We Can!" one day or one week event (under distinct red dress tradition), where other companies can show their support and to place their "teams" to show their good will + even bigger part should be volunteers who want to clean their city and help others just because they can :)

The next years volunteer based actions should be coordinated with the help of a web platform and info phone where people can place their "Why? Because We Can!" projects, to find team members for their registered actions, to register their teams, to register themselves as team leaders. Berlin Sparkasse would support with know-how and a little "starting pack" to every team that would consist (depends of the actions) : Tea/water, chocolate, medicine kit, "Why? Because We Can!" badges/pins/stickers, work gloves.

Several a little similar "good will" campaigns have become a every year whole country actions in Estonia, I have no doubt it would be possible in Berlin too with the help from Berlin Sparkasse and under the distinct red dress to stand out from the crowd.

Please describe your idea in one sentence.

Mysterious red dressed "street heroes" are making good things on Berlin streets that will make Berlin a better place to live and show that Sparkasse and everybody else can make more good things every day. Later it could grow into "Because we can!" or "Red dress" day where all Berlinersand other companies besides Berliner Sparkasse can unite for one day to clean and do other actions on their home streets.

Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?

People who need help but didn't thought that somebody could really see and care to help. Also all the people living and walking on the streets that will be cleaned etc. Everybody who sees the "People in Red" actions will have a better day with better thoughts.

Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?

Besides making streets cleaner and offering help to those who need it the most, it is even more important to show that we all can care more about each other every day and can make good things just because we can! Sparkasse has more tools and possibilities to make a change, than just one person with good idea. So Why? Because Sparkasse can! :)

How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?

A lot! Every Berlin street could have the "People in Red" who can and will make things better but first we should put our attention to the points where the help is most needed and positive reactions most visible. That could also help to hire unemployed people and work together with volunteers and to give bank workers a chance to have few very different working days :)

In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?

Sparkasse will gain visibility through red dressed people and vehicles on streets, out door print campaign, social media actions.

Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?

The campaign will create positive interest, questions and curiosity in all kinds of people who are living their every-day life in Berlin and they sure will tell about seeing something so cool to their friends and colleagues. It is possible to add more buzz with anonymous press releases about these helpful "Red people" on the streets. It is also possible to film these actions and to share the funnier moments on streets and to share the whole project later in digital media and festivals.

How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

Not much at all compared to the publicity and positive emotions it can cause since lots of actions need only people with good spirit and "Because we can" attitude.