Rally Race
eine jährliche Rallye-Rennen mit klassischen Automobilen Trabant 601


The historic east German Trabant motorcars from the DDR era are disappearing.  They are an important artifact of German culture, beloved by enthusiasts worldwide.   People are delighted at the rare experience of seeing one on the streets of Europe.  Although the Trabant was exported to all the eastern bloc nations, most of the remaining Trabant cars are owned by Berlin residents.

As an incentive to these people to continue maintaining their cars, Berliner Sparkasse should sponsor an annual race event exclusive to these special cars.  To promote the preservation of these legendary cars, there must be special rules in place to encourage the owners not to modify the "stock" design of the car.  In other words, it should look the same as the originals.  The cars must also be street legal and licensed, which means they are drivable on the streets of Berlin for everyday use.  All cars meeting these rules can participate in the race, which is a nonprofessional fun race, obeying all normal traffic rules.  The race course includes mandatory stops at partnered local businesses that bank with Berliner Sparkasse.  Mostly, the event is a celebration of these spunky little cars which otherwise might go extinct due to the time and expense required to privately maintain them. 

Please describe your idea in one sentence.

a race to save the Trabant

Who will benefit from your idea, hence whom is your idea directed towards?

The race will be entertaining for all who participate and all who watch. There will be sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, who can place their company logo decoration on the cars. Shops along the race route will see increased business from spectators.

Why is your idea “good for Berlin”?

Berlin has too few recognizable cultural icons. Preserving the Trabant helps prevent the impending identity crisis.

How many people do you think will benefit from your idea?

Everyone in Berlin benefits shortterm from increased tourism, and benefits longterm from preservation of local cultural assets. There are still 35,000 drivable Trabants in Germany, and even more internationally. Imagine seeing that many Trabants in one place along with their proud owners. It would be a major homecoming event.

In what way does the Berliner Sparkasse gain visibility through your idea?

The event will bear Sparkasse and Berlin in the name. And Berliner Sparkasse will have their own Trabant vehicles in the race owned and driven by Berliner Sparkasse employees.

Which kind of people and how many of them will take notice of your campaign?

Mostly people interested in auto races, but also the casual observer who sees a parade of classic cars rushing past them on the road.

How much do you estimate the annual budget for the implementation of your idea to be?

Because I structure the race to obey traffic laws, there is no need to close any streets. These types of races are very inexpensive to organize. Any excess budget should go toward promoting the event and ensuring media coverage.