Take on one of the most overlooked environmental issues.

$20,000prize pool

Take on one of the most overlooked environmental issues.


Waste not want not. Everyone talks about climate change with most of the discussion centering on global warming. What is often overlooked is just as serious: the short supply of fresh water. The world’s fresh water - the water needed for drinking, industry and sanitation — is about  2.5 percent of the world’s total - and most of that is frozen! This leaves us with a very small amount of water, and it’s up to the 6 billion people of Planet Earth to get wise to water sustainability.

Water is often wasted because it is under-priced. But think for a moment about what happens to something when it becomes scarce.  Basic human needs will continue to drive demand for water and ultimately drive up the cost for access. 


Because water is such a vital resource, all buildings - schools, hospitals, warehouses, apartment complexes - should include water efficiency as a goal.  Buildings use 13% of the total water consumed in the United States each day. This challenge will bring together the most innovative ideas to reduce/reuse water among new and existing facilities worldwide. When it comes to reducing water waste at a local level, the scale is so large that if you move the needle in a positive direction, the impact is huge.


Task Definition

Don’t let water go to waste!  H2Overhaul wants ideas which explore how new and existing buildings/facilities can use less water, reuse the water they currently use, and capture water to use on-site.

Look at this problem from three angles: 

  • Water-efficient Landscaping around the building site, e.g. How can the site be irrigated in new ways? How can we maximize the amount of captured rainwater on-site? 
  • Innovative Wastewater Technologies, e.g. What on-site solutions can be used to reduce wastewater and demand on potable water (i.e. drinkable water) to carry it away.
  • Water Use Reduction, e.g. How can sites reduce water from inside and lower their reliance on municipal water supplies?

Successful ideas will demonstrate at least one of the above concepts which tackles holistic water recycling: from wastewater (i.e. greywater, black water, drainwater) to reclaimed water (i.e. rainwater) to potable drinking water. 


Water is often wasted because it is under priced, but in considering the inverse of this concept - saving water should not be prohibitively expensive!  While the cost of water will invariably go up in the future, do not restrict proposals based on today’s costs: a good idea is a good idea, it is not just about cost savings!


All submissions should include a visually clear and detailed proposal describing an innovative, original process to reduce/reuse water in buildings. Video is optional.


Proposals should express which problem it is solving, how the idea solves the problem, and what the idea’s value is to the potential customers.


Target Group

H2Overload is focused on finding solutions which are able to scale to buildings such as schools (K-12), universities, hospitals, health care facilities, industrial factories, warehouses, shopping malls and apartment complexes in either rural or urban settings. Single-family homes are not included in this challenge.  

There are 4 groups who are involved in the decision to carry out water management:

  • Owners of the buildings

  • People responsible for the design

  • Companies that do installation and construction

  • The people responsible for keeping building operations efficient

Of the above, the building owners and the building operations people are the ones who endorse any proposed project.


The criteria for decisions has two parts. First is the balance between the cost of water versus the cost of the solution. Second is the intangible benefits for the greater community inherent in a solution. For instance, if a building is in a water-stressed area any effort at localized water sustainability will have immediate benefits.


  • Technological
  • Analytical
  • Innovative
  • Eco
  • Green
  • Scientific


Mandatory requirements

Sponsors of this challenge intend to include selected ideas that represent good business opportunities in next-generation green building projects around the world. Successful ideas will be combined into one system with global application. That said, concepts need to rely on reality-based fundamentals instead of dreamy what-if scenarios. The sponsors are looking to create a product road map for water management in buildings globally for the next 5-10 years. Successful ideas will balance creative thinking with ideas that also represent good business opportunities. 


Ideas will be evaluated on their:

  • Potential global real-world application

  • Creative/innovative solutions

  • Clarity and detail of proposal

  • Intellectual merit

  • Reliance on scientific and engineering principles

  • Contribution to societal or environmental benefit

  • Commercial feasibility (i.e. cost/value)   

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Hey everyone!

I am so excited about this contest starting on the platform! I am sure that it will take some time do get them up, but I am looking forward to seeing everyones submissions.

Remember that there is no set size or space for this task. The download is only as an example for you all. Buildings are all different sizes and all of them have different spaces for this type of system. Keep that in mind when you are researching and developing your concept.

Good luck to you all and I can not wait to see what concepts come in.

wow, so exciting :))

AWESOME, another game changing Contest. This is so great, i will never sleep again if you do such challenging contests!

I have an idea in mind regarding this matter for several years but i don't know the technical details necessary for its implementation... Is it possible to participate with another person, for example, if i get an engineer to help me with the technical stuff to make it viable? I'm asking so i won't submit an idea that's impossible to implement... For what I understand form the briefing this isn't only a matter of a good idea, but a good idea that actually works. "Reliance on scientific and engineering principles" - i believe that most of us here, except maybe architects, don't know enough about hydraulics to provide actual solutions. Just a thought...

Waserone... be glad to Engineer your concept. You can keep any prize. Just here to help save the world!!!!

Thanks gizmotech. The idea stayed so long in my head that now with a little research I realized that it already exists... But thanks for the offer :)

*from the briefing

Of course - You can work with an engineer. Have them sign up to the platform and you can work together on a team project. This way you both get full recognition from the community as you work together on the concept.

absolutely! cassandra can provide you with more details, waserone!

How come are people already casting vote for ideas that aren't there yet. All the submission have nice names, but I don't see a concept or anything that clearly layout how the idea will be implemented

Achilleasm,I for one, ,think that concept and idea are very different from implementation nad the road from one to the other is long. Maybe the ratings will show that an idea is not worth implementing... ( not to mention comments - my 2 images got me a wonderful exchange of ideas with Waserone ). If efficient an incipient outline can very well illustrate an idea ( and the rating might even be interpreted as the community's opinion on how well you were able to illustrate it as simply as possible.) Not everything has to be complicated to be worth an opinion be it illustrated by ratings or/and comments.
Consider that ratings can be changed. If further updates derive from what you thought the idea illustrated you can change them ( but it would be nice to let the owner what they did wrong). First ratings are like comments - impressions, encouragement, or maybe, worst case scenario - a rating that says trash it. If you don't have time to comment it would be good to rate - you give the owner, through the overall number he gets ( or 1 love or hate ) you're opinion on where you think that submit is standing at the moment. But that's just my opinion. I rate as soon as I'm sure of what I want to give and if the situation changes with updates I change my rating ( and comment for the change )

I guess you are write, I am new here, and after reading the briefing and the consideration on which an idea is judged I was just surprised,... but anyways, keep on

I think that we get two almost moths because it is more then a slogan ( to me it's not that long even like that :( ) . I'm kind of a newbie too :) Good luck with your idea if you're thinking of joining!

Sorry Irina but I have to disagree... The first things you said about rating only apply when you love or hate an idea, and usually you don't love an idea just by one image with a word/concept. And the other cases (majority)? You CAN'T change your rating, you can rate only once (unless there has been a change on jovoto's rules that I'm not aware of). That's why we have a rating period, to rate the full developed ideas then. I think it doesn't make sense rating an idea that's not fully developed/submitted. There are 2 possible scenarios here: - or the owner admits that the idea is not complete (which they usually do) - or when they submit they state that it is the final work and won't make any changes, and in that case it is ok to rate. Most people don't submit everything at the same time, and most people are looking for feedback in order to improve their ideas so it's not fair to anyone to rate during the submission period. If an idea is good it will get good rates after the submission period ends, if an idea is bad it will get bad ratings. The advantage in early submission is that it gives you more time to improve the idea other than the contestants that submit later. Imagine this: you see a rather average idea, you rate it 5. Later the owner submits an update with significant improvements, based on the feedback he got, and it becomes worthy of an 8. But you already rate it and can't rate it again. Think that's fair for that person? I don't. Rating in early stages affects the final score in a big way! Don't forget this is a contest. Of course this is just my opinion. Jovoto allows us to rate during submission period so I think is up to everyone to think either they should or shouldn't rate then.

thanx a lot,waserone, for writing your detailed opinion to the early voting. I totally agree with you! Though one point is not correct: There is the possibility to change a low voting to a higher one during the whole contest. But will anyone who already voted, will look up the updates that improve the idea?

hey lemo, that is definitely the thought behind it - that you go back and check on ideas to see if there were updates, and then rate the submission accordingly!

Hey lemo, I didn't know about that. That's why I wrote "unless there as been a change on jovoto's rules that I'm not aware of". That wasn't possible the last time I checked. Now it is: http://support.jovoto.com/kb/rating/can-i-change-my-rating It's certainly an improvement in rating system fairness but I still don't understand why people rate ideas that aren't fully developed... At least jovoto has done something about it.

Ive had a couple of brainwaves on this one, first was a combined basin/toilet to capture water for flushing:


And second was a wireless system for monitoring water usage:


As you can see Ive been beaten to it on both :s

Sorry guys, but I really don´t get how people who are no experts on the matter can upload something within hours after the contest has been announced ...

Also sorry to say this, but if jovoto is going on to launch contests about serious subjects open for the crowd to participate and decide on which idea is worth to be honoured, I will have to leave the platform. Do you honestly think, sittting on your sofa, you can save the world, whereas experts are working hard over years to find solutions?

This is another contest where I´ll neither participate nor comment and it would only be fair if all those who have no knowledge on the matter would do so as well.

hmm, what would you propose Janne? I think there is still quite a powerfull jury that still gets to make the important desicions and give feedback. In the 300house contest i believe everyone was satisfied from the outcome of the contest, or? Ideas went for prototyping, the jury decided on winners, the community gave its prices to the most loved users, and everybody was happy :) And the way i see it, i would never think that "sittting on your sofa, you can save the world, whereas experts are working hard over years to find solutions". Every single persons ideas and input could count in solving so serious worldwide problems that affect all of us. It would be wrong and maybe a little selfish to sit back and just wait only for the "experts" to find "solutions".Every single one of us should take action, according to how they can help. (And anyway, what do you mean by "experts"? the type of contest says " product design" and i would dare to say that i have every right to submit an idea/concept.) Still, this is only my personal opinion, i could be totally wrong and of course i respect your opinion. Thanx .

Well, I´d propose to open these special contests only for those who have some knowledge of the subject - the costs, the feasibility, the already existing technologies etc. - they should apply for taking part beforehand. I was not happy about the 300$-house contest and my husband who is an architect neither, as people where proposing and voting for dreams rather than feasible projects. And in this contest it will be the same again. The problem is, that here at jovoto everyone has a voice and can decide.

I´ve nothing against letting everyone share their opinion or their dreams - but "selling" it as a solution and letting them decide about which proposal is best for the task should be left to profs imo. Just my two cent though...

Dear Janne i agree with you a little - BUT - How many so called "amateurs" invented big things - a little schoolboy/student was sitting in his garage writing a small software package called DOS ................ Today MICROSOFT... How many more ideas turned into big solutions for many people and mankind. Just my two cent though................... and more dots ;-)

That´s true - if there are amateurs who have a good concept, I don´t say anything against it. But at jovoto I have seen lots of amateurs with bad or even no concepts being praised by other amateurs, simply because they managed to make their idea look nice. This is what I speak against.

Well that´s jovoto live................................... ;-)

Great comment Mochi010!!

true! it's hard, but not impossible.

Janne, I may be new to Jovoto, never participated in any competition but I disagree with you. Jovoto has stated very well that they started it to, “Provide fair, challenging opportunities for creative people, particularly those starting out, to earn money, learn, get their work seen and build their reputations”. I don’t think ‘experts’ have time for a contest on a platform like this because they are busy trying to save the world with bigger budgets and grants. If you read the contests, they use words like ‘concept’ which means ‘a general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences or something formed in the mind; a thought or notion’. The ideas don’t have to be solutions but can grow to be one. I particularly liked the 300House winning idea. Very practical. One thing I have noticed that is very discouraging, is that people are fighting too much about winning and that may affect the quality of design work by concentrating on eye candy design than practical designs. Just my thoughts ?!

Why so serious? This to me is an opportunity to let my creative mind think about a task. It's about free flowing mind thoughts and brainstorming. Just throwing lots of ideas out there. It's a creative thought buffet. It's for a good cause, ideas don't hurt anyone. Yes Janne has a point about amateurs but really Mocki summed it best when he mentioned that many inventors invent out of necessity. That really it just takes one person with a need and a solution. No degree necessary, just a need to solve a problem and a good idea. I think it's actually valuable to step outside the box and ask others for advice. You never know, someone may come up with something genius. Because they haven't done it yet, apparently.

You know...both of the two thoughts have a genuine and valid point.. i guess everyone should get an oppurtunity.... BUT i guess they should first do their researches pretty well before submitting an idea.. for that the Experts and the learned people etc, who encounter a flaw should give a hard critique on their works.... so Janne.. yuou shouldnt leave this contest altogether.. you should submit a stronger idea..plus a gud enough critique for other so people just dont go for eyecandies----although, people who have a better idea should atleast have a bit of those too :) sooo....lets get to a fair enuf solution....and lets start designing :)

Hello all -

Mocki101 did make the great point about the inventors it only takes one idea to start something and that can be from anywhere.

When it come to other community members submitting their concepts too early or not - in many cases community members would like to make sure that while they are researching and finalizing their concepts that no one else claims it first. In this respect I think that nice to let the community what you are working on - but you should make sure that these are concepts that you follow through with as well. Everyone will be working together on this with their concepts and their comments on others work.

There are many experts involved in this contest and there are many others that are working on their concepts that have yet to submit - I am looking forward to seeing everyones concepts and progression in this contest - I think that it is a great opportunity to really try to get involved and get your ideas out there.

Can someone tell me what is the point to get a picture of other designs from internet and post it as it was your own? 1) As inspiration for your coming design? 2) Make sure that no else after you can use those technology? A sort of contest copyright 3) Gain rate until someone catch you?

And If the answer is 1) could you please kindly post also the link of the source so that you don’t fall into the 3) option?

And please don’t tell me “Our brain is wonderfull because we can have similar idea……..creativity….etc...” in many cases is just “right click copy image and past in jovoto”. Thanks for your attention

I think contestants, who are interested in this contest, need to thoroughly go through the briefing. I am thinking of using boreholes as my source of water. If I post my entry 2 days to the submission deadline and there are whatever numbers of entries with boreholes as their sources too, well, may the best person win. I think the brief is very clear that the successful ideas will demonstrate at one of three concepts detailed in the briefing. One of the concepts is focusing on municipal water which means I only have one source of water. I totally agree with you; if a contestant wants to use an idea from the internet as their inspiration, they should post a link so the credit is also given where it is due.

You always have good, smart, interesting comments :) When are YOU going to submit an idea! ? ITs rough out here...But I think you seem like you have something to offer...

Hey Dears! I found very funny that jovotians (mostly grapfical designers) who are without any basic knowleges in water engeneering, building design, infrastructure submut ideas and rate ideas :) How much useful that ideas and how objective that rates?

I wish all non-technicians to collaborate with some technical specialist in this field!

And I wish that some specialists in the field also comment the ideas !!!!!!

Good luck friends!

you are way too kind calling them graphic designers. they are unemployed graphic designers; and for good reason. they are just copyists without an ounce of backbone or originality. maybe the jovoto population didn't start out that way, but that's what it is now. it's the emergent property of a flawed reward system.

First I will disagree with you. It is important to recognize that ideas can come from anyone. That is one of the most interesting aspects of creativity. Then I will wholeheartedly agree with you. Rating all the ideas should be left to the "experts" in water, mechanical, and architectural Engineering. If I can read your mind, as a fellow Engineer, we really do not care if someone not trained in the field objects to what a presentation looks like, I need to know if the experts think it has merit enough to continue development. Finally, non-technical folks should really collaborate with those that compliment their skills. Not saying either skill set (creative versus technical) is more critical to success.

Hello everyone -

I must be honest and say that I disagree with you. I think that yes the majority of the community members here are not civil engineers but great ideas in history many ideas and products have been concepted designed, and created by many not in that respected field. There are many engineers working on this project that have yet to upload.

We are only in week two of the contest - remember that. I am very happy to see that there are already so many people working towards such a great cause and on top of that the amount of really solid ideas already submitted, even though they are still being worked on.

i second this............... ;-)

Hello Cassandra! I do not say that non-engineers not sould participate - i say that it will be great if every jovotian which don't have any knowelege in the field will collaborate with some who has that knowelege. It will be more efficient! And I think That it will be great that some specialists in the field give their comments to ideas!

I agree with you BUSINS. The idea which is good looking gets more ratings even if its not good enough . And the good projects left behind.

I did analisys of all waterwaste redusing measures possible.

I hope it will be useful for someone!


Thank you for the effort you put into gathering these. It is quite useful to have them in one place - wouldn't it be coll if this contest would manage to take on each one of them ( through different users and approaches ) and maybe just maybe improve or take them just a step further :)

When I look up some ideas, I wonder if I´m in the wrong contest? There are nice presentations of already excisting systems or designs, not developed in own concepts, with comments and votings for "nice prasentation"?!? I hardly believe....

Remember that it is only just two weeks in to the contest. There are still many who have yet to submit yet and there are those who have submitted that at still researching and refining their concepts.

i,for one,dont see how anyone here can be an inventor of new technology. we simply have not put in the necessary years of our lives into the field,and as such have no way of creating,validating,and experimenting anything definitively new. that is a given -we are designers,not scientists.

that said,there is nothing to keep us from designing a new application for an existing technology[ies]. that is what we do,and what we all have studied for. and if the brief is anything to go,those said new applications are valid entries into this competition.

all the best to entrants.

don't say for all - for example I put some years into the field - studied water eng. for 1 year and researched the hyperboloid forms in architecture 3 years (and i am author of 2 scientific works about these structures). Or for example take a look on Gizmotech ideas - are You sure that this ideas are not novels? My opinion that this ideas are novel and with very high level of professionalism :)

there is nothing wrong with my comment,as i posted here,in the context of water technology -not randomly or in a generalized forum.

by definition,if youre researching something which has already been named,then it isnt new. you may make discoveries within the technology and create refinements,but said technology has been discovered.

gizmotech has kindly offered copy privileges to me,of the water technology gizmotech helped research a couple years back. -note the use of past tense here ...

Technology is being refined everyday, as well as people taking existing technology and implementing in in a new and unthought of fashion - also editing technologies together and creating something new. To quote the brief and Kijedi "The sponsors are looking to create a product road map for water management in buildings globally for the next 5-10 years." This is a great opportunity for those to be apart of the change. You never know if your concept is the one that will make the difference for many in the years to come.

Hello everyone -

I wanted to say that for the first two weeks of the contest it has been great to see everyone working so hard on continuing their research and furthering concepts. Everything is looking good so far. I can not see what is still to come! : ) Keep up the work and the positive search to save water!

Happy Days.


Sorry, but I can´t leave your message uncommented!

You question if it is useful and objective when “ordinary” designers with no expert knowledges do vote ideas in such contests? Why then do you use to contact community members inviting them to vote your submitted ideas when you claim to doubt in their ability to judge in that special field? Sorry, but it seems to me that comments like this only aiming to give your own submissions that “highly recommended” flavor by emphasizing your background knowledge and downgrading other ideas with listing your special skills .

Since that short period I´m a member of the jovoto community, you have not attracted my attention through outstanding design or engeneer work, but more through your battlesome behavior and the way you use to promote your ideas. This latest comment from you does once again not lack a certain arrogance (maybe and hopefully unconsiously): attesting yourself the high qualification and knowledge and degrading other designers, questioning their skills. You seem to see yourself as a magic allrounder in all businesses, an unrivaled expert surrounded by unqualified voting public?

In fact, not the idea is de facto the best which has been self-promoted most effectively by acquiring a large number of high-voters or through outpacing competitors by attacking, blaming or even by looking down on them – according to the principle “no solutions to be taken serious except mine”.

Please keep in mind, that in fact we all are “anonymous” designers here in that way, that we all prove our skills and talents through the quality of the ideas we do present! At the end an idea, a concept, a design is the best argument – not what the title on our businesscard pretend us to be or what skills we supposed to have! I don´t want to discuss what you mentioned about who should and should not be allowed to collaborate in which subject , just so much for that: you definitely don´t lack self-confidence… Not to mention that reality proves you wrong by showing that good ideas can come from all directions! It is one thing to help improving ideas from "ordinary" designers with input and comments (which makes sense and is welcome!) but another to downgrade ideas from "non-experts" ;-) by taking on the role of an expert authority.

Having said this, finally: I only speek for myself but I suspect other jovotans may find aswell, your behaviour does not leave a good impression. So I hope you may reflect your behavior and your way of competing.

@teigan: same for you – not respectful, not good attitude! Felt like this had to be said by someone, I will carry the consequences…

HÖRT - HÖRT ....................... i second this in full - no matter what votes will do... ;-)

Ok , I just had to but in..... >_

Damn GOForIT, couldn't have said it better myself. I realize I may a bit over my head in this contest in terms of technical experience, but that is why I've got an outstanding and knowledgeable collaborator as a partner now. Together we will make dirty laundry and the waste of water a priority. I am going to work my butt off for this contest because I believe in this contest.

I have been on Jovoto for nearly two years and have often wondered how some of the "designs" get into the graphic design contests and I wonder what they are doing there, and how they have no talent (yet), but I encourage them and offer constructive points because I can see the passion is there to be good. This is for a good cause, we all share the planet and if some nobody can come with a great idea, awesome.

Hi, Holly, thanks a lot to your honest words!! :)) I belong to those members of the community you´re talking about. I came to jovoto by chance. I was curious and soon convinced about jovoto community with all the offers to give...I´m no educated designer and belong to a generation who studied in a time, we knew what a computer is but to work with and even to draw and design with we can´t imagine...But now I have time for ideas and do a little practise on my computer "skills". And jovoto community encouraged me to go on... For me, I it is a chance for communicate and being informed about ideas all over the world in creative space, being part of a community from this I can learn and could show my ideas, even they have not good quality in prasentation. But I think every idea I work on is a chance to improve...

This contest is more my field. But I see no reason why educated designer should not be part of the contest or should only work together with a specialist? Every idea concerning water on earth is a step to a solution. And I think, it´s not the point to lead endless discussion who´s qualified the best to work on, but work on...in a fair way!!!

Dear Goforit, I'm very disappointed with your comment. I think I did not deserve this.

  1. I wrote to you only once, when asked to see my work, and this was directly related to the fact that my rating was killed in the contest Marriott. By the way, ratings loss was returned only by half. This situation would not be, if jovoto to react to cheaters in time. Moreover, I didnt know what to send such letter is bad.

  2. I didnot say that graphic designers can not participate and comment on - I said that it would be better and more effective if people who do not have the knowledge in this field can find colaborators, then their ideas will become more valuable! For example, I consult with the professors in my school and it helps! I collaborate with other jovotians and it helps! Anna Tang find collaborator and it increases valuabilty of the project! What's not understandable?

  3. I'm not saying that people should not comment, but I said that sometimes totally unpro comments and rates seem fun! For example my ideas have high ratings also because good images, while some very strong technical ideas with technical images have only 5-6 stars!

  4. I conclude that in this "democratic" community opinion and the truth is better not to speak. So this is my last comment here, good luck, Goforit!

I totally agree with Gorofit!!!! Each of us can contribute with our ideas to solve one of the biggest problems in the world that is the lack of water!!!!!

for Busins: your arrogance will not get you far!!

I totally agree !!!! Thanks for your words !!

I have submitted my 5 ideas. Looks like I am done here unless I collaborate with others to get some of my 10 other marvelous ideas posted. Just kidding ;-)
But it does have me wondering if restricting the creative minds out there to five submissions was really the intent, or just a means to force us into finding other alternative creative approaches to help save the world? Hmmmm

I think that you are doing a great job on finding alternative approaches to saving the world. : )

Thank you! You are too kind. A word of heartfelt appreciation for all you do and the patience you have shown. IOW... Giving a shout out to our guide!!!!

im sorry but if this competition ends up with everyone collaborating either with gizmotech and/or busins, just because they know more abut certain things, how objective is this ??

i dont mean to sound mean or something like that, but the monopole is just striking.

No need to preface your very valid point with an apology. Please appreciate that I have found that collaborating with folks having complimentary skill sets tends to result in better, more comprehensive designs, and better companies. Therefore, I tend to collaborate rather than compete with people having other ideas, whenever possible. If that attitude is creating a monopole, maybe I am in the wrong place to share my knowledge. Note that I cannot speak for busins, but I am involved in this simply to help delay or avoid the oncoming global water crisis. Regretfully, I am very, very scared by what I know on the subject. Feel free to ask for my help if I can do anything to help improve your idea(s).

gizmotech and busins neither know about certain things or other things. they are just fronting jargon to fool fools like yourself. my comments correcting their mistaken usage of technical terminology have mysteriously disappeared. looks like jovoto is once again censoring to keep its community from looking too stupid. and this comment will also disappear soon.

For those ideas dealing with water savings, it may be helpful to be aware of the following data.

Daily water use per American who is already using conservation measures (Low flow showers and low flow (1.6gal) toilets :

Showers 8.8 Gallons (19.5% of Total Daily Use) Clothes Washers 10.0 (22.1%) Toilets 8.2 (18.0%) Dishwashers 0.7 (1.5%) Baths 1.2 (2.7%) Leaks 4.0 (8.8%) Faucets 10.8 (23.9%) Other Uses 1.6 (3.4%)

Source: Handbook of Water Use and Conservation, Amy Vickers

Hope this is helpful.

I see clothes washers, or washing machines are right at the top of the list...the rate at which hospitals and hotels wash linens has got to be more efficient! well good thing we have a month to figure all this out. Thanks for sharing.

faucets are at the top of the list. which list are you looking at, or where did you learn to count?

thanx gizmotech, this is usefull .

@Anna... Indeed, clothes washing is NEAR the top of the list and sometimes takes the top spot in certain buildings (obviously, laundromats being one of them.) Note that I provided this so that we all have a common baseline to compare potential water savings.... not as the basis for starting petty arguments. Peace not hate! @Martina... You are welcome.

I think the most impressing is LEAKS - Water goes just down the drain without any use........................ !

Mocki010... It is indeed discouraging that leaks are a huge issue in most cities and old buildings. Would you care to work on brainstorming a new idea to find or repair leaks? Might be fun. Es ist wirklich entmutigend, dass Leckagen ein großes Problem in den meisten Städten und alten Gebäuden. Würden Sie bitte auf Brainstorming eine neue Idee zu finden oder zu reparieren Lecks zu arbeiten? Könnte lustig werden.

Hey, today all Teigan's comments have been deleted on the page of my project :( I do not think it's fair, Yes, he has a tone a little 'offensive but I think he knows what he says and many can learn from his knowledge. We are here also to confront with each other!

gwahahaha -ive always enjoyed teigan comments. but after my own harmless comment was deleted [probably for either my brownnose usage or the gwahahaha] yesterday was prutty sure teigan would be deleted.

I agree with Silvia..Teigan has a quirky way of expressing his views; a tad offensive but under all that, he does make valid points..

My opinion is that teigan has indeed made some valid technical points or pointed out omissions which, if corrected, may lead to better overall designs. This is a positive thing to have. However, as we all know, proper presentation is a large part of how the facts are received. I might suggest that starting off comments with insults or personal remarks is not an effective way to win support or influence people. Of courses, it does get you noticed... which is likely the subliminal intent. I guess this can be chalked up to the difference between book intelligence and social intelligence. Note that Steve Jobs even had a problem in this regard. So we need to be careful of reacting too harshly to those less trained in respectfully dealing with people... as we might lose their insights. Personally, I have looked past personal insults, simply issued a "troll alert", and went back to address any legitimate concerns by clarifying the description of my submission(s). I think this respects the stated intentions of the contest, while not enabling inappropriate behavior. I am open to further discussion on the topic of whether we are responsible for teaching others manners, in addition to encouraging great designs. :-)

I say only that if you believe in your project you will not have trouble to answering Teigan I also believe that its actions give everyone the opportunity to respond and investigate all aspects and can help the other to better understand our ideas. is not for us to teach education ... but, at our age, we are certainly able to hold off people. This is my opinion.

Hello guys - The only reason that a contests' guide will remove a comment or comments is if the post is inappropriate and or possibly offensive to others - and the aim of it is to cause a stir within the community or the creator of the idea.

wow i have not been on jovoto in a year and come back and this conversation is the first thing i see. i am excited about this contest. water is important! so so so important to me personally. i have some great ideas and hope i have time to submit them, but it might take awhile to get them on paper.

Looking forward to seeing them get on the platform! : ) Good luck.

useful people don't need to resort to sycophantic socializing to function in the world. it is the lame and dishonest who overcompensate their inadequacies with self serving flattery. no statement is an insult when expressed honestly and to the point. so if i call gizmotech a moron, look up the actual definition, and notice it's a compliment.

And to that I add, artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity..

i am sorry...buh i am really not satisfied by nearly every idea here... the breif as it asks here:

Look at this problem from three angles:

Water-efficient Landscaping around the building site, e.g. How can the site be irrigated in new ways? How can we maximize the amount of captured rainwater on-site? Innovative Wastewater Technologies, e.g. What on-site solutions can be used to reduce wastewater and demand on potable water (i.e. drinkable water) to carry it away. Water Use Reduction, e.g. How can sites reduce water from inside and lower their reliance on municipal water supplies?

i dunt see em asking for new flush or sink systems or new ways to 'know' how much u are spending water..though that much is also neccesary.... as far as i get they are asking for a whole System to save water and to reduce the total waste of water... and knowing the digits wont help that much on this....

i was really looking forward to this project as im abit unexperienced on this field of study abit and this wud have helped me learnn but so far not much has been posted here for me to learn.... Well.. hope this helps to regather your thoughts and go into the correct direction As still there is alot ov tym left :) so....good luck friends

plus..people..really all this war of words wont help much either...please this is just downgrading jovoto thats awl....please just settle down all

gwahahaha -dont sweat it. everybody has their own donkey bridge,and by the brief pointing out the purpose is to design a roadmap,it isnt the entrants fault if they can quantify into design.

i mean,seriously,how do you create a roadmap for future water usage in the span of a month? you cant. there are too many elements:you can create part of the roadmap or compile a roadmap from parts other people have made. most here are going for the previous,im for the latter. but again,i dont see how my design concept will win because nothing is genuinely mine.

and im sure others feel the same way,thus opting to create a new part for the roadmap which they can claim ownership and validate a win.

I agree with you Shahzadi..I haven't voted for any idea, still waiting for something that will jazz me. About the war of words, personally, it is a bit irritating when you ask a question on an idea and get very ridiculous answers!

hmmm.. okay i agree but atleast everyone should try... compiling previous ideas together and making a new one to fit this in the right place isnt a sin of any sort.... atleast the contest people will get what they asked for tomosowa obvly i agree you cant invent ideas in a month...but atleast bring a genuine approach..think it thru and post so that maybe the experts out there on the contest people's team would figure out how to take it forward... they arent asking u to construct the whole roadmap...they are asking for ideas as to what do youthink where shud something go...thats awl... but atleast put in the effort and dont post wierd ideas that has nufink to do with what they want

I think it's too easy to judge without putting at stake try do your part and then judge ...

Hello everyone -

Even though not everyone is a Civil Engineer, everyone has the right to try to help in solving an issue that we all face as they would in any challenge.

The submissions with in the contest are valid concepts and are very fitting to the task. There are two types of concepts being submitted - • Conceptual ( that can be implemented within the next 5 - 10 years) • Solid concepts ( that could feasibly be implemented within a year or two)

All valid concepts. I think that there is some great thinking happening around this task and I would encourage you to look at each submission on its own - • A behavioral change to save water • A system that can be placed in to a building and save water • Small add ons that can go a long way • Etc.

Keep up the great work and thinking. There are all types of solutions for an issue like this - not just one. Keep that in mind as you work on your own submissions and comment / rate on others that this is only the start of week three and there is still more time to comment and encourage updates on works.

Good luck to all of you and keep up the work! : )

well said, Cassandra! I like your words. and thanks for the good wishes :)

@silvanism ofcrs i will judge...i am one of the viewers and if this contest has allowed me to comment/rate on this contest i would like to do my part by pointing out what is disturbing me and you could do your part by explaining what were your thinking and this is what a design process is all about... critique and ammendments thats all...and if you arent satisfied then you go on with what you thnk is right... um sorry but i just dint want to start another war of words here...i guess i have seen enough above and silvanism even if i post a project i will keep the things i pointed in mind and then post something so i donot know what i am putting at stake?

@cassandra okay i understand that and um really thankful that you put aside enuf time and clear my mind on this... but thats what...here i thought they asked for a "system", but ofcrs i can and i am seeing each submission as its own concept and thought and they are nearly all amazing... really But just whats disturbing me is that not all of em are what the brief requires....thats all

um sorry i guess for pointing all this out..coz seems like here many people arent for serious challenges becoz if they were instead of defending you could really clearup things

sorry, I knew that I had not explained well. I would say only that you can not say that you have not seen good projects in general: you can comment one by one the projects and say that everyone is not valid and say why do not you think is a good project. So each comments and each criticism will be positive and so each designer can replay and explain his reasons. I do not want no war of words, I'd like only that things are done in the right way :)

now that sounds just right :) sure i guess thats the correct way then.. and really...good luck with uur ideas :)

While I am trying to save water, my house is sinking, bangkok is sinking!! I am leaving now to save my family :(

oh my God, be careful!!!

All the best to you and your family!

it wub be alrgt.... just be safe and take care

my best wishes to you and your family, a big hug.

Oh my god!!!!!!! I truly sorry for your situation! Take care of yourself and your family!!!

Hope you and your family are safe now!! Best wishes!

All the best - hope that you are all safe!

I've read this 12 hours ago. I've tried to find the right words to write but I have not succeeded. The wrong or awkward words will have to do. I wish you and your loved ones safety and good health. I am sincerely sorry that life served you one of it's ironies. All my best wishes !

don't forget to bring a sponge

stay strong and stay safe. all the best,hope to hear from you later.

Thanks to all of you! We are save now (I have a 3 month old child) Bangkok is under 1 to 2 meter of water and I escape from my house with a raft!! Never seen so much water in all my life. I Will be away for a while, need to restore my house now. Thanks again to all of you for the best wishes. Francesco

This is good news from you! We've all been waiting for them. The main thing that you are alive and well and hope you recover quickly your home.

Hope you find a nice new place to live.

Just watched Blue Gold: World Water Wars the documentary. Everyone who is participating in this contest should watch it. Very informative.

did it have any giant funnels in it? or toilet bricks?

No, nothing like that..just info on the water crisis and the big companies that control water in the world.

i blame the dentagard™ beaver

Hey, no one have any news of wwwbangkok?

Thanks Silvia We are save now (I have a 3 month old child) Bangkok is under 1 to 2 meter of water and I escape from my house with a raft!! Never seen so much water in all my life. I Will be away for a while, need to restore my house now. Thanks again to all of you for the best wishes. Francesco

Great to hear you and your family are safe! You will have an interesting story to tell your child as she grows.

Happy to hear that you are safe! And good luck to you and your family.

Thanks Cassandra, gizmotech

Good to hear that you are all safe now! Best wishes to your restoring works, so that you´re all can return soon to yours home.

So what's happening? Seems everyone has secured their positions in the top 20 so there's no need for further elaborations on the ideas. Now that we know the winners, do we move on to the next competition while we wait for the rating war to start? There's a very big slump in this competition. I know it's like a month till submission deadline or this is the way it normally is? This is my second competition to follow.

Thats Normal, the first few days everyone is posting ideas then there is a big gap till halftime for updates and another gap till the final updates. The Problem is this contest runs extremely long, so ppl won't update that often. I Can't actually update my stuff as well for now, i have other - sounds conceited - more important work/contest/stuff that needs my attention first. if this contest wouldn't be over such a long period you would see more action but for now you have to be patient :/

You are right on Rene. And I will cynically predict that someone new will cherry pick the best features of each submission and suggestions in the comments; combine them into a "new" submission without giving credit to the original authors or add anything new; and wrap it into a sexy, but hollow presentation... and win. So sad, mostly because the Jovoto rating system would be so easy to fix with a few minor tweaks. But these type of contests remained flawed and just tend to alienate people who are in it for the prizes. So, we are just waiting for the jury to award the legit awards based on merit... or the last 10 minutes prior to deadline. :-)))

Hello all - Having gone through the ratings I HIGHLY suggest that all of you go through and rate everyones work FAIRLY. The issue here is that many of us are only rating 1 or 2 times and then not going any further. Once everyone starts to look through the concepts and rate more a more fair top placing concepts will begin to show. In the last week or so though there have been some concepts rising from the lower ranks up.

I also suggest that you all keep pushing your concepts. I think that there are SO many concepts here that can be pushed a little further and they will shine even more.

Cassandra.... Okay, I'm game for doing more ratings.
So, what criteria does Jovoto suggest the community use when evaluating the suggested ideas for water savings? Note... "The collective is more likely to be smarter than the individual only when it isn't defining its own questions": Jaron Lanier 2010.

If the rating of the winners I have no chance))) It makes no sense to continue ....

As a long time, at least a longer then you, Jovoto member i can tell you, ideas submitted 10 minutes before deadline already won. The Main Problem is the Eye Candy factor. Good looking stuff gets mostly all of the time better votes. Try to sugar up your ideas, i know it shouldn't be that way but it helps. try to build your ideas with an eye catcher that leads to read the text. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIDA_(marketing)

Good Luck!

Like I have said above make sure that you are al rating and keep updating your concepts based on comments and more research to your design. The contest is not over yet and there is time to come up through the ranks as some have already done in the last week or so.

Good luck to all of you!

Thank you. I do not know how to sell their very idea))) I think a rating system for choosing the winner is not valid. The fact that the idea may be good, but do not feed very sweet and so boring to the public((((.

gwahahaha -dont enter to win:do it for the love of design and the cause.

people whove read my posts since the last competition might think i care about the money,but that couldnt be farther from the truth. i care about the principle of getting paid what youre worth,especially when i know the industry,like in architecture.

that said,i couldnt care less about ratings. or winning. the money is meh,and ratings here a joke:i do what i do for my sake:putting forward my design,and -in this particular context -contributing to a higher cause.

a good design is a good design. period. let the design speak when you cant. so when youve finished yours later,if you want,you can even give me a shout and i will gladly help out with your visualizations,if i can. i really dont mind and the karma will come back to me in my life. so,win-win.

anyways. all the best.

I thank you for your comment and for your offer of assistance. Actually inspires me a great opportunity for these competitions to meet amazing people and ideas .... Just seems to me only a ranking system evaluation is not correct. I am also a human being and I can not put a bad mark to my friends .... And I want to win herself on the other hand .... I can not be 100% objective

Thanks Rene for the explaination! Good luck Elina, i think your idea has great potential. Looking forward to all the updates!

I submit my idea good time ago, but i have only 5 comments. Very please take a look on my Rainwalls, and please give some comments and advices!


Thank you, community!

Dear julialine,

if you want to promote your idea please do it on your own page. You don't need to post your link in my page to support your concept. I understand you frustration but this is not the right way to compete, be nice.

Now my comment to your idea:

Your idea is based on my concept to use the exterior walls to catch the rain (you post it after me, look at my "beetle" panels, similar?....) but this is not the point.

Sorry julijaline but I think that your idea to store the water into the wall is a nice toy or toilet storage but in reality is totaly insane (the idea not you) Only 1 cubic meter of water weight(100cmx100cmx100cm) is 1000kg or 1 tonne!!! plus the sand...... the building will have serious structural problem or even fall down after the first rain..

PS. I feel that after this comment I will loose my first position because you and your friends will pull me down, but it is ok do it,I don't mind, this is how jovoto works. If my idea is good will stay in the top positions anyway and I am confident that cassandra will clean it.

In the end you came to my page not me, I had to answer to your provocation.


gwahahaha -i just came to laugh. not at you,but with you ...

Yes she is very funny. First she post in my page her adv

"Hi! I think my RainWalls is a much more efficient and much more realistic way to capture and safe the water, than SpongeWalls. Just take a look please: http://www.jovoto.com/contests/h2overhaul/ideas/17629"

Then send me a bunch of 1 stars and ask for my comment, desperate woman.

Francesco, I think you are not one had the idea to collect water in the walls. It seems to me a logical decision. I see still different solutions for you and Julia. Julia, I think the rating system is not perfect, but to influence the community by offering to vote for your idea is not correct. It's all contenders for the top.

Bangkok, what You mean, when write that I sent bunch of 1stars? You have no right to accuse me of is that I did not! I do not put You onestars!

You fell from first place due to the paolaoliva's idea is on the first place, not because I put you onestar! Think about it!

You have no right to insult newbies!

I asked to comment on my idea and its all! And I think that my idea is better than yours - is this a crime? I believe that the sponge does not need to collect water - sponge only accumulates moisture and building may collapse from that - It is my opinion.

I ask you not to offend newcomers. Because everyone is entitled to their opinion, attention and comment.

gwahahaha -this is turning out to be quite the ganging up. lets make it even,then.

well n00b -as youve rightly identified yourself,your in the wrong. firstly,comments under briefs are for briefs,not your personal ad space. secondly,theres the mail function [top right,n00b] to personally ask people for their attention|input on your design,without you flaming and|or using their design as your personal ad space.

and you talk about rights. seriously ...

Hey Tomasova, you are a good lawyer. I couldn't have said It better! julijaline I just react to your provocation, next time don't use the contestant page to adv your idea,it is improper, unfair. But now let's quit and good luck to your idea.

All... This blog entry may be of help to all Jovoto Newbies... "What is "bad rating behaviour"?" http://support.jovoto.com/kb/rating/what-is-bad-rating-behaviour

Hey you guys -

I feel that asking for a comment is not gaming the system. If a creative is looking for comments to only advance their concept further, there is nothing wrong with that. Especially if they are new to the platform and unable to just private message a friend or two for some critiques. There is no request to rate the idea and or to in the future.

There is no need to get pushy with each other - lets continue on with the contest. Everyone is working very hard and everything is looking spectacular. So far! Lets make the next few more weeks : )

More bad news regarding purifying municipal water supplies using current chemical means... http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2011-10/uoic-rlw102411.php

Just out today.... Air pollution is contributing to regional droughts. Ouch!!! http://nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=122231&org=NSF&from=news

thanks for trying to keep this comment board on topic :D thnx for the news updates!

I am glad to share... just sorry that the news on the subject of fresh water is so gloomy.

New report regarding water use when taking showers versus baths. BBC report found at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15836433

Hey everyone!

I cannot believe that there are only two weeks left in the competition but there are! Everything has been going so well with H2Overhaul! I am so excited and impressed by all of the work and research that has gone in to these concepts! Great work everyone!

Make sure that all of your updates have been made, or are currently being made!

Also, everyone remember to get all of your concepts up before the end of the submission period as well!

Keep up the pace with the submissions! Good luck to all of you with the closing days!

: ) Cassandra

Hey everyone! There is only 7 DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT! Make sure that your concepts are up on the platform in time for rating to start!

Again as always good luck to all of you! This has been such a great contest to be apart of and you are all creating such great concepts to solve the issues with the brief! : )

Hi Cassandra please take a look to these links...thare are not only them but an army fo their friends that bashed a lot of interesting idea in this contest :-( ....I think is not a correct attitude :

http://www.jovoto.com/community/yusufturab?ideas=bashed_ideas_by_user http://www.jovoto.com/community/raz?ideas=bashed_ideas_by_user http://www.jovoto.com/community/anusubbian?ideas=bashed_ideas_by_user http://www.jovoto.com/community/prvnag?ideas=bashed_ideas_by_user

that is classic jovoto. but we only ever hear about the cheaters who get caught. the majority get away with it, because they aren't as bold or brazen in their cheating tactics.

no ideas of their own, however at least one was pushing conservation as liked as opposed to recycling. I don't think they understand the windowfarm or window sunheat/evaporative cooling concepts either- just plugging someone they know. lol. mike

Maybe I am just stupid, but I thought the intent of H2Overload was to submit ideas here and collaboratively work to improve them so that we might deal with the increasing water shortage. I find it interesting that anyone would spend their time even being on this site if they were only bashing others, giving shallow praise to friends, and not contributing in any constructive way. It would make more sense for them to spend time flaming others on 4chan or down voting on Reddit amongst their peers. I guess I just don't understand the psychology of internet trolls.

Hello all -

Keep in mind that I am taking care of the trolls and possible cheaters that have been brought to my attention and that I have found through out the contest. The rating period is until next week and when the contest is closed you will see the final results of the monitoring of ratings etc.

If you have any issues please let me know.


Well..thank you Cassandra!!!!! :-D

Wow! Public contests strike again :(

Another public contest does not "strike again" . It is only two days in to ratings. Everyone needs to give the rating period time and also time for the contest guide to review everything in order to make sure that there is no gaming or cheating happening on the contest.

Cassandra, I respect your work and thanks you for do it ... my comment was directed at the four shady guys above and at who for them ... those of the link of Paola comment ...

is the jury completely silent because they are ashamed to be associated with this child level contest, which isn't cute considering the contestants are all adults?

don't be so harsh! Jovoto guids and jurors are very etical, serious an professional! no need to be upset! give them a little credit and confidence!

teigan, the truth will be unveiled in the end, if the jurry will buy any of the ideas or give the jury prize - maybe with some explanations (given by the jurry and not the contest guide)

I agree with taigan. I think the jury should rate the ideas, because they are competent. Now you win if you have a lot of friends to support your idea. There is no sense to take part this contest :(

in my opinion we should give credit to what Cassandra wrote early, even thouth I did not see any cleaning till now. The facebook friends who gave 1 to the contestant and 10 to the friends are easy to catch and should be cancel from the rating. I am still confident cassandra will do it at the end. Let's see and be patient, only few days.

Thank you wwwbangkok. The jury dont normally get engaged until the end of the contest. 9 times out of 10- this is how it usually is. You will get feedback later on from them as always. They will be going through the concepts and voting on their choices and reasons why. Please keep in mind that there still a few days left of the rating period. Changes, if due to bashing, will be seen after the close of the contest.

Keep up the fair voting guys!

Jury's comments would have been useful to make better updates : (

even so ... I think there are some great ideas on this competition :)

This contest voting is mindblowing.......... 10 places up and then again 12 places down ---- i might get crazy......... hopefully CASSANDRA is taking care of everything................... ;-))

This is realy rocket-carousel voting 10 places up and then 12 places down and the other way around - boy that´s a weekend - like having drugs 48 hrs. long................. i hope this will be cleaned............ ;-))

WOW - and again 20 places down - unbelievable....... ;-(

The reality is that gaming the rating system on sites like this is almost inevitable and happens all the time. Of course, it is regretful, perhaps shameful, that some are willing to "sell their souls" for a few dollars or shallow public attention when people are actually dying around the world from lack of water. But they do. Encouraging friends from Facebook to upvote your ideas is technically not against the rules of the site, but these practices are quite distracting to those of us who thoughtfully track all the projects looking for the best ideas. Now, what I find most interestingly is the new findings that creative people tend to cheat more. I guess this is the negative aspect of involving creative people. See: http://www.npr.org/2011/12/05/143146037/for-creative-people-cheating-comes-easier

I would also like to know why the deleted comments?

on most platforms, when something gets censored, a note is left that content was removed. but on jovoto they pretend nothing happened. given the stupidity of the community they will probably continue to get away with it.

Hello guys -

Comments are being removed because this is not the arena for such topics/discussion. The Briefing page is meant for discussion about the contest briefing etc. Not about issues that you might have with someones contest submission.

If you read below you will see that there was a note left explain why they were removed, and why other might be.

so why are you trying to hide the fact that tracy quinn is a hottie?

Everyone -

I feel that it is a bit disheartening that I have to remind some of you that we are a community here. You should all be treating each other as such, and not enemies. As a contest guide at jovoto it is great to see how well everyone, more times than not handles situations appropriately, and if not bring in the contest guide for aid. There will always be issues along the road no matter what you do here or anywhere else. In life as on jovoto - you should not be looking for people to attack or places to attack them on.

First off, there is no need to be bringing arguments and allegations to the briefing page. Please involve me/the other contests guides, as most of you have or do, or keep it to the support center, private messages, emails etc. if you would rather keep it more to yourselves. There is never a need to blast the briefing with comments of issues that you might have with each other and not the contest as a whole. It is not the place for it.

Secondly, I really hope that it is no ones goal to start a full fledged war against anyone just to prove a point of any kind. There is nothing gained from this - for you, or the others involved or for the community. Keep in mind that might be a better way to handle the situation as a whole and the contests guides are here to aid in these rough situations.

Third, if you have reached out to me or any of the other contests guides, please let us have time to get back to you before these attacks are brought to a more public arena such as the briefing page. If it is that big of an issue, the contests guides normally are aware of it and are working to fix it and if not we immediately try to aid / fix the situation when it is brought to our attention.

This contest has been going very well. The client and everyone here at jovoto are very happy with the submissions from all of you. Such hard work and research went in to everything - and there are such great conversations happening around them. So lets not dirty that reputation with bashing others on the contest.

Please keep in mind the rules of the community. And feel free to contact me or any of the other contests guides and even the support center with any issues that you might have, as always.

I have removed such comments that fit in to these because there they do not belong on the briefing page. Please keep this in mind when you are commenting.

Thank you.

other than you and nathalie, the experience i've had with jovoto contest guides has been completely different than you describe. they ignore complaint messages and never reply back.

I think there is truth in the words of mymy. Cassandra please explain why you are removing selectively posts about ratings?

I removed comments that were inappropriate to the briefing. I am sorry if some with ratings were a part of them. That was not my intention. There is a space though to speak further about the ratings at the support center. http://support.jovoto.com/

I very much hope that you understood the situation fairly. You may be able to analyze all that was written more serious. Thank you.

Here is a more specific link to the ratings on the Support Center http://support.jovoto.com/kb/rating/how-does-rating-work

I will be going through the ratings again before the final close of the contest at the end of this week. Have a good rest of the week.

Half an hour ago I was the 11. Now I am the 32. It is very strange :( 6,85-->6.55

I just dropped 5 places in ONE hour after I held my place for a solid month....I hope they clean up this mess...

I'm sure they will, at the end when they analyze the votes, it changes a bit, not too much but some. I know it is frustrating but you're not alone.

The ratings are being looked at and I will let you know when the final results are up on the platform a little later this week : )

Is that possible?

Hello Everyone, i'm new here a friend told me today about this site and i just registerd.

I was reviewing most of the ideas in this contest, and i find it hard to vote on some ideas due to they are good, but have nothing to do with a building or a not good enugh description.

Then on the other side, there are some ideas with more then 100 votes and some with just 20 votes but both got submitted "1 month ago" how does this work? Are you supposed to promote your idea on Facebook, twitter so you get more votes or smthg?

If so, i think that would be unfair if all my friends came here and vote for just my and a few other ideas.

maybe a system like - you have to rate at least 80% of all ideas in a contest before your vote counts etc would help.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for my question, have a nice day!

Hey guys -

Again, please respect that the briefing is a space to post questions regarding the task only. Anything unrelated to the task will be relocated to the support center where we can further discuss it.

@MyMy, We can further discuss everything here: http://support.jovoto.com/discussions/public-contest-discussion/9-h2o-briefing-issue

Cassandra, just consider the latest attempts to improve individual ratings as a compliment. You have done such a good job thus far as MOD, that people are just testing your metal to the vary last! :-) In closing, thanks for your patience and hard work.... and let me extend my wishes for a very happy holidays to you and yours.

I second Gizmotech. Thank you for your hard work. I'm sure all of you in charge will do the best job possible. I think that where ego's and money are involved these things are inevitable.Sure, at one time I though jovoto was immune but it's all about people and their morals.

And just in case some are wandering I'm happy with my place - if you ask me I'm higher then I expected - so thank you for the unexpected support :) I'm just saddened that some great ideas get overlooked or shadowed by controversy.

Hi Cassandra, I tried to answer you in the linked area but my post does not getting displayed - please make my message visible!

Thank you all for your kind words. The final results will be up around Thursday.

@MyMy - I am sorry for the issue this link is working for me here it is again for you. I am not hiding it. Anyone can view it. : ) http://support.jovoto.com/discussions/public-contest-discussion/9-h2o-briefing-issue

If you look under my message it read show messages - if you hit that yours will show up on the screen as well.

Same here

I see so many fake accounts. It really is disgusting. But there is a second problem. Much of the fake accounts vote for the same people every time in different contests. So they manipulate the whole system.

Hello everyone -

Thank you for coming to me with the issue either through PM or though here. I am currently looking in to the ratings very closely on multiple contests, and will make sure that all points are addressed with the users who are involved.

Remember that if there are any other major issues to contact me or the support center and things will get adressed ASAP. : )




I dont´t think the voting in private contests are better - I think it´s even worse !

I hope we enjoy ourselves in good health and we are all still alive - until this contest is decided and terminated............... ;-))

;-))) .... Have a Happy Holiday!

When all the normal people relax and celebrate crazy creators waiting for the results of competition. ; -))

Hi! Congratulations all who have won! I just wondering, who has received "Jury Prize Special Prize"?

There is an article on the blog!!! ;-) The jury will give their decision at the end of January!! :-)

Congratulate all the winners

Join in the congratulations!!!!!

Congratulation to all and many tks. for voting............... ;-)

Congrats to all the winners!!!

Congrats to all the winners !!

All the time in this contest I've been between the 7thand the 15th position. A day before the rating periosd is over, I end up in the 24th position.... Congratulations to all the winners....

Hello all -

Congrats to all of the winners! The jury Prize will be announced at the end of January. : )

We will be keeping you all updated on this.

This is my first win. Thank you all. And why the site is silent?

... yes. and what exactly do you want to tell us by that ;) ?

The jury Prize """!!!!!!!!! :)

The jury Prize !!!!!

Guys. Thank you so much for hanging in there. There's just so much we can do, but our jurors are usually very very busy people and you guys have lots and lots of ideas so it does take a while to come to a decision here. BUT we're there. YES REALLY. We have the jury winner.


A big big CONGRATS to julijaline with rainwalls. You ROCK!

You too, everyone else. Hope to see all of you in the next contests!

Happy spring.

Congrats to julijaline!

Coooool!! Congrats lady!!