the sea
Use our main resource: the sea


coastal areas are characterized by less rainfall and can take advantage of sea water,
inland areas can take advantage of rainwater, storing it and distributing it after the purification process

I know it's a little 'out of what is required, but I think that the problem must be resolved in a comprehensive way.
There are many ways to save water, but the truth is that sooner or later it will end.
Well, we can use what we have in nature: the salt water!
The oceans occupy 71% of the earth's surface and only in Italy there are lots of plants for the extraction of salt using the method of evaporation basins.
We just need to find a method to collect the evaporated water and conveying it to our use.

"H2Overhaul" could give rise to a new collaboration with this type of establishments and be among the first to turn salt water into drinking water.

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