Water Stop



This idea -  is about pressure switches. These switches are mainly used in aircrafts and trains.
Why these switches are used - because these companies have extremely save on weight and therefore save on water.

These pressure switches, however, were not for private use in buildings - schools - hotels - restaurants. The development for this use was not pursued. Although just the saving of water in this area would be very high.

But unlike in a plane or train which runs from the switch to load the water. Does the switch in my idea work the other way around - the water stops running in relief.

The function of this switch is very simple. The switches are mounted on the floor and as soon as the switch will be relieved - no more water flows. The switch could be made for any environment in all sorts of colors and materials and forms.

How often have we stood in the shower and had to reach for the shampoo - The water is flowed on - unused - How often have you washed the salad in the kitchen sink and then go to the stove to stir a pot.  The water has flowed on - unused ..................

For the benefit of this switch, it would certainly be even more numerous examples.

On the sample images I have shown greater awareness of the switch. The switches can be naturally produced smaller and mounted at ground level with the floor.

I think with this little switch people could save millions and million liter of water - all over the world in all countries and most of all it could be realy cheap at mass production.

More pictures and drawings to come.

Backround Pictures just for ilustration purpose. Kitchen picture BULTHAUPT