Wasserspeicher aus Abfall
soil improvers with cocos fibers


Coconuts grow along the equatorial-zone. The "Trash?" of the Farms are the fiber of the nutshells and the inner nut.
The Plantages need a lot of Water and they get the Water from the rivers around the Farm.
Some hundred cilometres inside country its very dry. The Land gets almost dessert with some Gras and Bushes between the Kaktees.
The peole live from beef and a bit gardening.

Maybe its possible to bring the difficult compostable fibers inside the Country and wor it inside the ground of Fields.
It would suck the water of the few thunderstorms and keep it a while longer reachable for the Plants.
It would not be enaugh for a Agrarbussines but would help for self-sufficiency of the Population. 

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