Wellhouse is a building with built-in groundwater well and rainwater collector.


Every existing building can became a Well-House.

The concept features:

built-in artesian well installed into building water system 

+ rainwater collectors on the roof connected with building sewage

+ photovoltaic panels on the roof, connected with water pumps

+ sand filters

Positive impact:

Artesian Well provides building with potable water (after filtering). 

Rainwater collectors supply with gray water (after sand filtering rainwater can be used only as gray water)

Sand filters are the most economic filters  used provides huge economic effect

Photovoltaic roofs gives power energy for water pumping and partly for water heating -  that gives big economy. 


Building have  up to 100% of  water consumption for free  - from a ground and from the sky. Due to sand filters and solars panels the explutatation costs will be small. 

Well-Houses Upgrade was made after consultations with world-reknown eco-architect 

Varis Bokalders and hydro-engireer M.sc.ing. Romans Neilands.