BlueBuilding Standards
Blue Building Standards - is a package of 15 different technologies, that result in significantly r


In the United States, we have seen the impact that the LEED certification process has made toward delivering more energy efficient and sustainable building design. The Blue Building Standard is intended to dovetail with the LEED effort to provide guidance for how to best collect, purify, and save water in those same buildings,
We have started with 15 technologies that have proven to have merit in terms of water savings. There will be many more added to the list of Blue Building Standard approved approaches as they are researched and evaluated. Hopefully, there will be some coming out of this contest. In this way, Blue Building Standards becomes a clearing house for what different architects and water Engineers are doing to improve current best design practices.
In addition, the Blue Building Certification process has the objective of testing new water-savings approaches and products against the standard and rate them on a multi-star scale.  The best approach or product for a particular region is given 5 stars and all other technologies are ranked against that "best in the field". Thus, it is envisioned that this is a dynamic rating system that changes on a regular basis to reflect the latest research and field findings.

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