WATER 21.0 - The Harvester
Smart Facade Panel System to produce drinking water on "unused" surfaces at buildings


The Harvester is a modular Facade Panel System.

The main feature of this smart Panel System is the ability to harvest water from the air.

In contrast to the presence of liquid of any kind, there are always  (even in dessert climates) large quantities of water vapor in the air.
In regard of the fact that fresh drinking water will become a valuably commody, it´s important to make use of that fact and find solutions to �harvest� that water from the air.

Sustainable contribution to realize the Idea of a GREEN BUILDING
Utilizing the resources of unused surfaces at buildings (even retrofittable of existing Buildings)
Further development of Facade Panels wich are an essential component of Architecture

Using an  effective low energy required method (PAT 6,960,243 Nanopore, Inc.)  for the extraction of water from an air stream.
Self-sustaining process by producing required (low)energy by using solar-cells and accumulation
Previous systems - cooling ambient air to condense the water vapor - are technically viable approaches and using large amounts of energy.

The Harvester.Built to produce water even in regions with less or even no rainfall!

It´s Modular Construction as a Facade Panel will allow a big range of System-Dimensions which can be expandet if required.

It also can easily be retrofittet on existing facades.

  1. Real Water Production  - no need for rainfall
  2. Closed System - no need for a secondary energy
  3. Modular - from small sized to big sized Systems
  4. Retrofittable Technology

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