uriniculture part 1


your initiation to uriniculture starts with peeing in your shower.  this alone will save the 1.6 gallons of water necessary to flush a low flow toilet.  the high ammonia content makes the urine antibacterial and antifungal.  it will thus disinfect your feet and the basin.  for someone who takes one shower a day, that is 584.4 gallons saved per year.  no modifications need to be made to your building and no equipment needs to be purchased.  except you are technically wasting liquid gold.  see uriniculture part 2 for details.

this idea sets the benchmark at 584 gallons/year per person in water savings, with zero financial investment.  any ideas in the contest which can't at least match those numbers is a waste of everyone's time.  instead of trying to change technology or the world around us, we must first change our own attitudes. until that changes, there will always be a water crisis.

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