Collecting water deals with arising the awareness of saving water at home in a positive way. The product motivates the user to collect water leftovers and creates a joyful experience by watching plants grow from "wasted good water".


The product deals with the awareness of saving water in a small scale. The user's experience should't be a warning in this case - the user should have fun saving water. Seeing plants grow from water that would have been "waste" before is leading to a joyful, positive experience and realation.
The product collects, roughly cleans and makes incidental drinkwater leftovers in the household (glasses "I had 5 friends over last night, all of them left drinkable leftovers - i just put it in my watercollector!" , bottles, waterboiler, etc.) reuseable.

The collected water should be used for the watering of kitchenherbs and indoorplants. Primarly the kitchenherbs are watered and secundary a tank is filled to conduce to watering the indoor plants