fasade water cassettes
Saving rain water in facade cassettes. The sun heats the cassettes and inside the building there is


Construction of new public buildings simplifies the use of energy saving  and watersaving technologies. It is a lot more difficult to reconstruct an  existing buildings to modern standarts of resources savings. Here are the  problems associated with the conservation and the use of rainwater. 1. Place (proper location) for the tank where rainwater is ment to be collected. a) In an urban environment, could be a dense development (just technicaly not enough space).b) Inside a building there is no available free area for water storage. a) Roof itself is not strong enough to withstand the preassure of water weight. 2 The roof is not designed for the creation of new heavy construction for rainwater collection.

In buildings where it is not possible to install a tank for rain water inside a building, or at a location nearby, we can use  the facade of the building. 

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