Automatic pots
a pot with a condenser that works with the energy of a solar panel, on the day the batteries are recharged, and at night the fan starts, which cools the condenser causing the water to be deposited in an internal canal with small holes, irrigating the plan


My proposal is based on the idea of ??small-scale condensation, though of course this could be a larger scale.

a pot with a condenser that works with the energy of a solar panel, on the day the batteries are recharged, and at night the fan starts, which cools the condenser causing the water to be deposited in an internal canal with small holes, irrigating the plants through drip without human intervention, in addition, the design of the walls of the pot, uses the evaporation of the land that also returns with condensation.

  This idea could even lead to plantations or parks, just changing the scale of the design, saving water from local networks to extract water from the air