The Showercounter,operated by water power, and shows the consumer between consumption current.


The Showercounter,

is installed for example in a shower head. In the shower head, there will be a water wheel whichgenerate the power for the "Showercounter". Similar like a dynamo on a bike.

The stream runs from the water wheel into the Showercounter which will be a form of an external device, connected by cable to the shower head (water wheel). The cable should be long enough to offer the consumer the opportunity to take the Showercounter at a suitable height in the shower, put on a tile and glue it.

The Showercounter displays to the consumer at the current time, the water that flows through the shower head and how much lieter were consumed in the period. Maybe it would still make sense to incorporate a price calculator. The consumer could then duration lieter consum and the cost for each shower will be displayed. The consumer will automatically erase his water consumption. In addition, the shower time is reduced because the shower time is shown on Showercounter. For morning shower is a good side effect of junk.

The Showercounter is equipped with a reset button and makes the consumption set to zero. The consumer has the option to leave his view between consumption per shower gear, or Weekly, Monthly, ... until he presses the reset button.

The device should be installed, of course waterproof.

The Showercounter can also be used in other types of water use. For example, the Showercounter can be a coupling device that attaches to a garden hose, if you want to pour his plants in the garden. Again, the same game as described above.

Objective: to encourage every consumer to repay the water consumption by the consumer cost him always kept in mind.

Device: The Showercounter varies from shower head to hose. (When water hose, it must be coupled directly to the handle)

Communication with Smartphones: If possible the Showercounter have a built-in transmitter, which can exchange data with the smartphone of the consumer. This could create a mobile application. The data is stored in the smartphone, so that the consumer's current water consumption may update and check on the spot. The Showercounter should connect to the phone automatically if possible when the signal strength and range permits. The app could then give the consumer several water-saving tips. The app is regularly maintained with new information and news for saving water.