FlashMop - An unusual cleaning's performance!



Flashmop is not a tongue twister but it is an expression that emphasizes the desire to clean swiftly!!!! How much water is wasted every day for cleaning of apartments, hotels, hospitals, gyms..etc ...???!!?! �FLASHMOP is a system that retrieves the water produced from the sink, purifies it and collects it in the bucket of mop under the washbasin. The bucket is hidden, incorporated under the sink and with a simple gesture, you pull and it is ready for the use. Cleaning at your fingertips!!!! The system consists of:

 1) wash basin that serves as a bowl (when someone uses the bowl, the sink works the same) ;

 2) purification system with activated carbon filter;

 3) mop incorporated under the  washbasin;

 4) laser that measures the water's level and when the bucket is full, it diverts the water into another pipe;

 5) bar code system that when the bucket is moved, it diverts the water into another pipe. 

With FLASHMOP cleaning has never been so easy and fun!!! 

Furthermore, the bucket, in turn, recycles water through the system already tested and known of two buckets in one: in one there is the clean water, the other one collects the water dirty.  So you save twice the water consumption.

The materials used are 100% recycled.

 With FLASHMOP cleaning has never been so trendy!!!!....