Water Alert
A system to get awareness of (potential) leaks in a company (factory)


Water alert is a system to stop the waste of water through leaks, so it makes people aware of (potential) leaks in their company (factory).

Water Alert consists from three parts:

- The measuring part: A part which measures the amount of water that flows in the pipe and that flows out the pipe. (of different parts of the pipe-system)

- The comparing part: The part which compares the amount of water that flows in the pipes with the amount of water that flows out the pipes. The system also compares the water use of the day with the normal water use.

- The awareness part: A part which shows the results of the measurement and the comparisons; it makes (possible) leaks and big use of water visible trough an image of a light tree.


See next pages for detailed drawings of the different parts of the system.