Green cassette
New green wall system. The use of rainwater for the functioning of the green facade system.


The green cassette can be used for exterior and interior.

In urban areas it is becoming less and less space for greenery. We can change this by making the buildings green. For maintenance of green facades, we can use rainwater.
Today facade systems are getting modernized. Aluminum facade systems with solar panels are already on the market. I see this project as part of my larger project to upgrade the façade systems. What I want to use for the production of green cassettes are two modern materials in order to create a vertical gardening. One will work fine with the plants on the south side of the building, the second will work well with the plants on the north side of the building. Both of these materials decently absorb water, up to 76% of their own body weight. For watering of the green cassettes will be collected rain water.
The materials from green cassettes.

Epiweb consists of a plastic material that will not decompose and that will always keep itself moist and free from substances which could harm roots. Epiweb is 100 % Toxic free and are made of 70 % recycled plastic.  It is avaliable in several designs, for planting in pots and as slabs. 

· Material description - Polyetylentereftalat (PET)
· Waterkeeping ability - 76% of its own weight
· Salinity/conductivity - 0,01
· pH-value - Neutral 7,0
· Colour - Greyish black
· Weight - 97 g/litre
· UV-resistance - UV-solid


The fytofoam is a product resulting from a resin with a coagulant, under a pressure of 5 bars. It is a spongy and light substance with a density of 22-30 kg.m3, able to hold 60% of its total volume in water. It is harmless for the environment and bio-degradable ( useful life of 10 -15 years) Fytofoam possesses a long durability in extreme climatic conditions and is sufficiently resistant to high pressures.

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