h2o care
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h2o care -because is a multifunctional product that addressed to people who can not afford to buy water, pets and to common people to find comfort in public spaces.

I thought at a long walk in the city, with children and with the loved pet. If it make them thirsty and I don�t have a store neareby, I�ll need this product.
It can be useful in the park or in public spaces especially on the beautiful summer days you want to spend as long as you can the time outside socializing. 
Parks generally have places of recreation, drinking water points for you, but for your pet often you must improvise a solution!
This bench is a multifunctional mobile water tank that is useful: to rest, to appease you, the children and for pets (dogs, cats,birds, pets without master).
When is empty it can be moved according to the areas where it is needed.
I think it is a necessary especially in underdeveloped cities (like some areas in the cities of India, where there is a large percentage of people who haven�t houses and sleep on the streets)
You can place it: on sports areas with large numbers of people, in the school yards, in parks, at the concert stadium, in the mountain areas that havn�t water to share where are settlements and the people are forced daily to carry water from the valley. 

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