Change EU waterlaws
EU waterlaws are blocking new ways of collecting and recycling water.


Change EU waterlaws


I do not only want to present the problems in the EU Waterlaw but I allso like to offer a sollution for it, that maid convince the lawmakers and waterexperts of the European Unien to change there waterlaws and allow, (for example) to use greywater for the toilets in public buildings. 


The presentation of Aquaporin could change there minds, because it is already used in all kind of industries with great succes. It is easy to use Aquaporin allso in public Buildings. I think, if you start the discussion with the lawmakers of the EU , you should come with the best possible product in the branch. So here is your weapon.



Please look to the video introduction of Aquaporin





Aquaporin is dedicated to revolutionising water purification.


Aquaporin is :


-         capable of separating and purifying water from all other compounds in a natural way, so that all the wastwater can be recycled in even ultra pure water (UPW).

-         Capable of desalinate seawater, so that it can be used for consumption.




The first and most important point in this contest is to throw the EU waterlaws

into the toilet, shit on them and flush them away, because they block 95 % of all the meaningfull, intelligent and creative solutions and proposals made in this contest.

In dezember 2000 the European Union (EU) made a new waterlaw for drinkingwater and wastwater specialy for the public buildings, guesthouses and hotels. During that time I bought a guesthouse in France and I had to deal with this law, because France was already accepting the new EU waterlaws. Soon all the european countries will accept this EU waterlaw, including Germany, because Merkel is fanaticaly going in this direction.


In this law it is forbidden to:

collect rainwater,  take water from an open source ( a stream, a river, lake or sea ), use condensationwater from the fog, ect .. and use it as greywater for the toilets or in the washingmachine.

All the water, even in the toilets have to be 100% drinkingwater in public buildings.


In this law it is forbidden to:

Filter the wastwater by plants, to use waterpurification plants, to recycle water or to build your own watercycle, to water your vegetables or garden with wastwater. There is a very strict regulation in this law how the wastwater from the toilets, the showers and the kitchen should be treated and there is no possibility for recycling or natural ways of purification.


In this law all the water has to come outof  the ground and has to be analysed every year by a special compagny. For hotels and guesthouses this law counts 200 liters of pure drinkingwater for each person each day and if you have your own watersource deep in the ground, than you have to proof that your source delivers this quantity. I have the permission for 50 guests, so my source has to delives 10 000 liter each day. This law does not motivate people at all to save water.


I was discussing about 5 years with the autorities for different alternative ways of collecting and recycling water in my guesthouse, but in this law there is no possibility to save water. It is, for example not difficult to design a clean composttoilet without using any water, but this law will not allow it.


So my suggestion is to start with the first step and make a law inwhich all the watersaving ideas are allowed, otherwise you are wasting your time, energy and money for nothing.        

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