Save Water & Make Art
Save Water & Make Art


Collect rain water into tanks inside or outside the building and simultaneously use those equipments as notable part of building's interior/exterior. 

It is used the standart principle to collect rainwater: Gather rainwater, filtering it, then store it in reservoirs and utilize it for toilets and watering planted areas etc. But instead of  putting water tanks underneath the surface, we will install big glass containers in various places around the public facilities. They can be implemented as stand alone columns, to be embedded in walls or simply installed next to a wall inside or outside the building. Those tanks could have decorations of light effects, bubbles, diversity of metal, glass or plastic elements, so put together and used in different combinations to form artistic and innovative solutions.

Main advantages:
1. Piece of art: design of the tank can be done in really beautiful, artistic and modern way, so that perfectly to fit to the style and purposes of the facilities.
2. Lower price:  tanks designed in this way, will reduce constructing costs of the system compared to existing underground version.
3. Economical consumption: when using reservoirs built above the ground, no pump is needed. (due to principle of communicating vessels)
4. Educational:  seeing those equipments, people will realize how precious water is and will build awareness for its saving.
5. Practical:  entirely applicable to existing and new buildings.
6. Produce and support:  Easy to manifacture either boutique orders or mass production modules and to do their maintenance.

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