Capture and Reuse of Snow and Rain Water


In the open areas (parks, gardens and roofs) of the buildings, can have a snow collector, with a melting system and a drain to distribute to the different zones we want to feed. 

In buildings can increase the capturing surface of the buildings, using snow collectors in the walls with a simultaneous melting, allowing their accumulation and treatment as a rain water in a treatment plant for further use in toilets, irrigation and fountains. This collector can be use for rain to, and in this case also can be considered a separation space between the accumulators and the walls to allow the water go down through the wall (glass) until a small accumulator in the bottom of the building, and the water can be used in the same system mentioned. 

It should incorporate a heating system to melt snow; it may be through the use of electric heaters or the building heating system. 

The collector have variability in their inclination angle to modify the accumulation of snow or water (depend of the weather). The Collector should be of transparent material, rough and porous, allowing retain the snow and recover the water, and keep natural light into the building.