Smart Sustainable Shower
A Smart & Sustainable Showering solution Emphasizing Critical Usage of Water for this mundane task.


This work is a smarter, more water - efficient showering solution concept using available technology which is subject to testing in actual scenario but logically seems to hold the values of water sustainability.

By observing the showering habits, it�s noticed that in traditional showers where water falls on the head, a lot of it is deflected away owing to the round shape of head. While showering, we apply soap to and rub our body parts. When it comes to rinsing and rubbing off the soap, more often than not we have to position the body such that the jet falls where our hands are rubbing. This leads to wastage of water. Also the control knob is not so much varied even when we can do with a thinner jet.

The solution is a shower system that uses a position sensing technology to sense the hand position and direct the jet like-wise. The jet � width control is also done remotely (for example when one is bent to work on legs it�s not desirable to get straight up and rotate the knob and then get down again).

Using Passive Position Sensing, like "Polaris Spectra", where the reflecting sphere is placed on a specially designed wrist band which also houses the shower-jet control knob. The Camera mounted on top near the overhead shower-head, senses the position of hand and activates the corresponding jet for water - efficient cleaning.