toilet without flushing
Toilet withaut flushing water. Ecological utilization.


the largest part of water using in public buildings is flushing excrements.
Our project proposes to refuse using of water and to utilize 
excrements in the toilet, with the help of technology "supercritical fluid"
The liquid CO2 is used because it is ecologically clean, non-explosive 
and not expensive.
function description:
-after each using of the toilet bonnet shut down.
-compressor pumps up the CO2 in the chamber, with surface permanently heated to C30.
-when the pressure in the fluid passes 73ATM liquid turns to superfluid form, it causes dissolution 
of excrements at the molecular level, as a result there is released water and lees left.
- after reaction CO2 pumping back to CO2 tank, and lees goes to lees tank,
water is pumping out, and can be used as technical water.
- after filling up the lees tank will change, contents of tank can be used as fertilizers or dry fuel.
- seat of the toilets will rotate and cleaning with help nozzles and brushes located on the lever of the bonnet after each using.

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