H2Olistic demonstrates over 70% savings in potable water without reinventing the wheel.


Indian cities get an average supply of 135 Litres per person per Day (30 Gallons). This equates to 540 litres (120 Gallons) of potable water for a household of 4 people. Comparing to international standards, supply figures are very low as the average household water consumption in Europe and United states is about 1350 litres (300 Gallons) per household per day. Despite such low baselines our proposed approach can save more that 70% of potable water and achieve a zero water discharge development.

H2Olistic has proposed using a combination of tried and tested water conservation ideas to create an ideal multi-dwelling apartment building which is lean, clean and green. While our entry demonstrates a small residential building this approach is scalable and flexible enough to be adopted in all kinds of buildings. It must be noted that the project team has chosen to ignore appliances like washing machines and dish washers as these are considered to be under the purview of the house owner but sufficient systems have been provided to ensure efficient treatment and reuse of the waste water from any such appliances.