a jovoto special


The centerpiece of this system collects water directly from rain and atmospheric humidity.  It is able to collect more water than a traditional roof collector.  To maximize the amount of captured water by the building, we can construct giant eyedroppers to suck humidity and precipitation out of the air.  Because the inside of eyedroppers is hyperbola shaped, they are magic and the laws of science do not apply to them.  Of course that power is even stronger when they are gigantic.  The tops of the eyedroppers are solar powered and don't waste electricity.  They suck with the sun's energy and they suck even more at night because of the moon.  When the water in the eyedropper gets heavy, it falls out the bottom into new-age organic sand filters that never need to be changed.  After sand, the water pours into underground artesian wells where phytopurification occurs from a variety of very trendy water plants.  Ignoring the swarms of mosquitos, did i mention all the building's residents are vegetarian?  They will also dump their laundry water into the community garden, from whence it will leach into the surrounding countryside and be somebody else's problem.  By embracing natural eco-friendly green technologies, we can save water, save money, and save the planet.  Think positive.  Happy day.  Rainbow!