Sweeten Up The Tram

Germany’s oldest chocolate factory is looking for unusual tram designs!

€4,000prize pool

Germany’s oldest chocolate factory is looking for unusual tram designs!


The history of the Halloren Schokoladenfabrik (chocolate factory) dates back to the year 1804. Over time, the small confectionery shop became one of the most well-known chocolate factories in Germany. The original Halloren “Kugeln” (chocolate balls with a variety of fillings) take their name and inspiration from the round silver buttons of the uniforms of the guild of salt workers. Today the Halloren Schokoladenfabrik is the oldest chocolate factory in Germany.

The slogan “Ich brauch’s süß” (which means “I need it sweet”) is an integral part of the advertising concept of Halloren Schokoladenfabrik AG and should continue to be firmly embedded into the minds of the consumers.
The design of the trams in Halle, where Halloren’s head office is found, should make a contribution to the brand identification and brand loyalty of the fans of Halloren products. The creative tram design should generate attention – ideally beyond the city of Halle’s borders – and, of course, also boost the sale of Halloren products.

Task Definition

Develop a sensational design for the trams in Halle (Saale), the headquarters of the Halloren chocolate factory.

The tram design should

  • present the cult Halloren brand in a fresh and likeable way
  • create a link between the slogan and the Halloren brand and support it
  • depict the Halloren products (original Halloren “Kugeln”, pralines and truffles)

Your design should do justice to the traditional Halloren brand, i.e. not be too “old-fashioned” but also not too “lifestyle-oriented”. It should convey the Halloren brand in a likeable way to anyone who sees it, including passengers on the trams, and also put a smile on their faces.

Target Group

  • Generation-spanning
  • Core target group: 25-50 years old
  • Gender: neutral
  • Employed, average income


  • The message should be simple to understand for everyone
  • Fresh, entertaining, likeable, creative, iconic
  • Core message: “Ich brauch’s süß” (I need it sweet)

Mandatory requirements

  • The Halloren logo must be clearly visible
  • Core message: “Ich brauch’s süß” (“I need it sweet”)
  • Your design should do justice to the traditional Halloren brand, i.e. not “old-fashioned” but also not too “lifestyle-oriented”
  • No racist, sexist, discriminatory or shocking messages
  • The main color of the Halloren brand is red (185 C)

The print area of the trams has been specified by the operator as follows:

  • The banner areas are printable (see “Materials”).
  • Due to safety reasons, only 15-20% of the window panes may be covered.
  • Nor are there any plans to cover the doors for the same reasons. Each design suggestion that incorporates the doors must be checked and approved by the operator.
  • The basic color of the tram is optional / specified by the operator.

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Britta, could you please organize the Tram-View as an open file?

I forwarded your question to the client...

Thanks, that would be great! Please do also ask them which font they use for the existing claim, or are we free concerning that?

Unfortunately, they can't organize the tram as open file. For your second question I didn't get a reply. Hope that they will get back to me soon.

The font of "Ich brauch's süß." is called Wiesbaden Swing (leicht schräg).

Britta, maybe you can help to clear up some questions regarding the Tram-Specifications: as far as I can see in the provided "Typenblatt", there are only few spaces (the grey fields) which can be used for the design, is this right? I think we need a bit more detailed specifications here than this plan gives us so far - for me it is not 100% clear if we can use more than the marked spaces for our design?! And as the client asked for a "stunning" and "spectacular" Tram Design I guess such may be hard if we only have those few banners?

Hi Sophie, under 'mandatory requirements' are further informations of the print areas on the tram. Did you find them? The banner areas and 15-20% of the window area can definitely be covered. With the design of the doors it is more difficult. There the public transportation services has to decide on an individual basis if the design is feasible or not. So if you want to be on the safe side (that your design can be realized) don't include the doors.

Yes, I´ve seen them. I did some research aswell and saw some Tram Ads from Halle - so we really only have the banner areas and some bit of the windows to design on.

Did you guys see that the PDF is actually in vectors? For anyone needing them - feel free to download the EPS: http://cross-the-lime.com/jovoto/tram.eps

I have an idea, but do not have enough knowledge of the language and graphic skills. Nobody wants to work with me? :)

WOW I found a partner!:)

I have the same problem, good luck finding a partner ;)

Folks think about the printing area. ;)

That's true!!! I will wait with the rating, but at the end I can not give somebody a good rating if he/she ignores the briefing. There is a strictly defined printig area and this is the REAL CHALLANGE !

Agree. There are some designs submitted which don't fulfil criteria about the printing area. Pay attention on this as well - it's important part of the briefing as well.

The examples of "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung", "Volkswagen", etc. show that it´s not just about the banner design imo. Otherwise the given examples don´t make sense...

Maybe Jovoto can clear up this issue?

Or maybe these examples are just for inspiration? Yes, some additional infos would be welcome.

Dear all, I fowarded your question to the client and I will asap get back to you!

Huhu Jovoter Team,

Cant open and save the - Banner - Ich brauch's süß, Packshots-Halloren and Examples.

Do anybody have the same problem?

Yes me too - but than I tried it with Stuffit Expander and this works

Dear all, we discussed with the client again about the printing areas. Now that they saw the first designs they came to the conclusion that they don't want restrict your creativity. So still only 15-20% of the window areas can be covered. Appart from the windows the rest of the tram can be designed.

Great, that sounds better :)


Another question to the window. Are the 20 % for all together or for each window? Example: If I cover 1 of the 12 windows complete, I have less than 20%.

Hey kaptn, the 15-20% are for all the window areas together. So if there are 12 window 2,4 windows can be covered fully.

OK thanks a lot. In some cities you just can cover each window to a limit.

Is there anybody who knows which font "Ich brauch's süß!" is?

Britta already told us above - it´s "Wiesbaden Swing" - you can download it here: http://www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Handwriting/20951/Wiesbadenswingroman

yes, die ist nur etwas kursiv gestellt

Die hab' ich ja sogar. Vielen Dank euch Beiden :)))

Dear all, by the end of this week we will have the half-time feedback talk. However the client is very positive about the project so far! You are on the right track!

Is it just me or does this contest really create a craving for chocolate! Every time I work on my idea I get hungry for chocolate!!!! :P

you are so right! I think that was part of their strategy - artists around the world eating chocolate and spreading the love :))

hahahahaha true true!!:)))

Just going through the ideas, is making me want to eat chocolate!!!! :))

I sent my design here in timely, but jovoto showed message technical problem. Really, I am hurt-ed on it, ready design was displayed still. Design Title: Halloren chocolate sweeten Up Tram.

User: Amirul e-mail: sikderamirul@gmail.com

I wrote you a private message. Please check your inbox!

the many ideas depicting giant hands and faces will be totally ineffective in real life. it fails to address the public at a scale they can relate to. you amateurs all look at your computer screens and forget that the target canvas is going to be over 3 meters high. to someone waiting at the tram stop, your graphic of a giant human mouth would not be discernible as an object. what his task requires is detail at close range. that communicates in a personal way, rather than yelling your message to passing airline jets in hopes they are looking in the correct direction.

why did hold the competition. you would make known the winners on the first day that nobody even tried to do something

Interesting to see, that all winning ideas suit the brand very well! Congrats! ;o)

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congrats! to all the winners :)

congrats and many thanks to all voters

Congratulations to all winners! Well done work! :-)

Congratulations to all!!!:-) and many thanks to Britta that helped su to improve our ideas :-D

congrats to the winners and many thanks again here!

Congrats to all winners!!

Any news about the payment?? :)

And a final feedback? ;-)

Hey guys, we just received the money, so the prize money will be paid out within this week.

3 month later, on a cold wintery evening, sitting by the fireside, the heroes ask themselves: Any news from Halloren, about the selected tram design, cause we want yumeeeeeeeeeee and unusual tram designs.

After 6 days of waiting in vain for an answer, the heroes got bored and decided to go save the world.

Hey! Whenever we have any news, we come directly to you guys :-) Best, Jess