süße Sauerei
allerhand Süßes


the sweetest moments in life are messy.  when the public sees the halle city tram,  it will be smeared with chocolate handprints everywhere.  such mischief appears too delicious to be graffiti.  there are chocolate handprints inside the tram too, and chocolate footprints on the floor.  some halloren chocolate sounds really good right now.  i need it sweet.

the tram graphics shown in the video are  for illustration purposes only.  the final artwork will be created by a team of people covered head to toe in black paint and walking around and touching an all white model of a tram.  the resulting "mess" will be digitally scanned and transferred in chocolate colour onto both opaque and transparent self adhesive vinyl.  these decal panels are then pressed onto the tram, making the application and removal process quick and easy.  but to a general audience, each tram will look to have been genuinely handled by chocolatey patrons.

click here for higher resolution version of the video

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