First in Last out
Zuerst in Zuletzt heraus


When it comes to helping the victims of a public disaster, everyone should act with the spirit of human participation, regardless of religion, skin colour or nationality.

Diakonie is proud that these are among the most important principles upon which the organization is founded. This is confirmed by its 60 years of activity around the world.

This is visually represented by our idea which clearly indicates that the organization performs its support rapidly, efficiently and globally.

Campaign in Second Language

Wenn es darum geht, den Opfern einer öffentlichen Katastrophe zu helfen, sollte jeder mit dem Geist der menschlichen Beteiligung handeln, unabhängig von Religion, Hautfarbe oder Nationalität.

Die Diakonie ist stolz darauf, dass dies zu den wichtigsten Grundsätzen der Organisation gehört.

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

(Animated GIF)

Katastrophe = Catastrophe

Zuerst in = First in

Hier Kommen Wir = Here we Come

Hier um zu Helfen = Here to Help

Zuletzt heraus = Last out

Mission Erfüllt = Mission Accomplished

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