Wo. Immer. Auch. + + Wir helfen.


DKH is ready to help. Ready to act. Globally.

The world is the center of the concept. The different catastrophes are illustrated by readily understandable phenomena. The yellow location point on the globe refers to a certain country where the crises happen. It is cited in the ticker below which associates rapidity and urgency.

The campaign could be used to get started with any incidents or issues.

Campaign in Second Language

"Wo. Immer. Auch / Where. So. Ever." underlines DKH’s global activity. Typographically seperating the word components the claim gets a stronger and deeper meaning. "Immer / Ever" stands for making no religious or ethnic differencies in helping whereas "Auch / So" is a subtle appeal for joining in.

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

In static printed media there are posters which locally and temporally show the various motifs.

Claim Check (German)

I confirm that based on a quick Google search, my claim seems to be free to use.

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