There are many names for those who suffer but in the end they are all fellow humans.


I know from my own experience that we all tend so see the victim, the poor, the suffering when something catastrophic happens. But that's not the whole picture. Every victim is also a human with hopes and dreams. Food, water and shelter are very important but dignity is essential. To see the equal human in the victim and treat him or her with respect.

To emphasis something in german you can say. .... Punkt (full stop). To make clear that something is not negotiable.

Campaign in Second Language

work in progress

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

Opfer = victim // Bedürftiger = needy // Leidender = suffering // Mensch = human being

To put the main focus on "Mensch." I suggest to show the more synonyms for victim with growing speed and than "Mensch." for much longer.

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