Blue Umbrella - 1
The whole extension of humanitarian help.


When disaster happens, who is always prepared to respond timely? To help? Who stays to ensure recovery and rebuilding?

The blue umbrella is a metaphor for DKH's disaster readiness (and prevention) and of help from DKH, and it symbolically opens up and protects people in their actual need.

Different disasters may be advertised in series, or at intervals, to engage and surprise the viewer in a manner of "stay tuned." We bring up Flood via this GIF, and next slide has a teaser for Drought.

Campaign in Second Language

Animations using the umbrella concept:

rain falls = flood | sun burns = drought | bombs fall = war | bricks fall = earthquake

NOTE: This page's GIF has the Drought German and English teasers together in one looping GIF file, but each language is under 10 seconds.

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

In parallel with motion ads, there can be a real world activation: Shops and transportation locations shall carry blue umbrellas, available to borrow on a rainy or sweltering day, perhaps with a donation that goes to DKH. Thus, associating blue umbrellas with DKH's readiness and charitable actions.

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