Create the effect
The campaign focuses on our role in making people feel relieved and smile under dire situations


This idea stands out by focusing on the effect at the receiving end of DK's work.

The Höhe Kronenkreuz becomes a reframing element to focus on the smiles that express relief and joy, while also makes this part of the logo a memorable and recognizable symbol. This encourages people to become familiar with the brand and what it stands for.

In motion, the crown would move in and empty it's blue color to focus on the smiling faces in each of DK's own photographs in new ways each time.

Campaign in Second Language

I used Google translate for the German version... Absolutely not sure if this is correct. Help!

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

This is another use for the same campaign concept.

All images are from DK's website.

Claim Check (German)

“I confirm that based on a quick Google search, my claim seems to be free to use."