Feel the needs
Silhouettes of people get together to help in different disaster situations.


By combining helpers' contours overlapped with images of disasters, it creates a strong visual effect, linking the recovery efforts to the dramatic reality.

The slogan "Fill / Feel the needs" calls to action and in the same time activates the emotional side of the viewer. As Johann Hinrich Wichern said, "every activity should start with the hearts".

Alternative slogan: "Partners in need"

Campaign in Second Language

Since I understood that there could be limitations of editing the official images from the Diakonie website, I used inexpensive royalty-free photos of disaster areas as backgrounds. Silhouettes are modified royalty free stock illustrations. Combined together though, they create a new visual effect.

Further Elaboration of The Campaign


Claim Check (German)

“I confirm that based on a quick Google search, my claim seems to be free to use."

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