Hände sind zum Helfen (HANDS ARE FOR HELPING)
The image conveys the message that helping people is "easy"


(VIDEO) When somebody reads the news on the newspaper about a disaster on the other side of the world, it may seem hard to help the ones who suffer. The key visual of this design aims to show that helping is actually easy. The image on the newspaper/PC is on the reach thanks to Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. The key visual can grab people's attention and can be implemented by creating variations. "An Earthquake on TV" visual can be diversified as "A Flood on Newspaper", "A Conflict on Poster" etc.

Campaign in Second Language

Das Key-Visual des Designs soll zeigen, dass Helfen eigentlich einfach ist. Das Key-Visual kann Aufmerksamkeit erregen und durch Variationen umgesetzt werden: "Ein Erdbeben im Fernsehen" "Eine Flut in der Zeitung", "Ein Konflikt mit dem Plakat" usw. (Google Translated)

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

(VIDEO) A variation of the key visual.

Claim Check (German)

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