Heart with US!
We are all connected through our heartbeat. The Heartbeat of the Universe.


"Before & After" is a strong visual message.

Having the water crisis as a main component and empowered by the heart beat of each living person, you end up having a consistent idea that can reach more people and makes them think twice.*

Here we have photos with the Aral lake (called also Aral Sea), as I said... before and after.

*The visual / animation can change (e.g. Food crisis, War crisis, Climate Change crisis etc). Also the quotes >> related with the visual.

Campaign in Second Language

For e fair translate in German, I will need some help here :).

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

Here's the version in English also [for a guide in translation :)]

Claim Check (German)

“I confirm that based on a quick Google search, my claim seems to be free to use."