Standing by. Not aside. (Part I)
An image campaign to communicate the work of "Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe"


The campaign presents different aspects of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe´s work worldwide, e.g. quake relief, reconstruction of destroyed hospitals after floodings. The combination of headline and motif triggers an inner film of a dramatic situation in a subtle way.

The illustration style is kept simple but striking and concise. Besides it´s pretty easy to animate it for the info screen ads.

Claim: „Beistehen statt zusehen.“ / „Standing by. Not aside.“ or „Standing by. Not at the sidelines.“

Campaign in Second Language

Animation for the info screen

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

Suggestions for a Claim (Further elaboration of the campaign please see second entry):

„Standing by. Not aside.“

„Let´s help!“ implicating „Enable us to help“

„Because helping is human.“

„Misery doesn´t know boundaries“ implicating „no limits“

„Huge misery needs strong helpers“

Claim Check (German)

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