Standing by. Not aside. (Part II)
An image campaign to communciate the work of "Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe"


Further Elaboration of the campaign (see also part II).

Headline: „With war comes hunger.“ The copy text refers to nutrition programs at war zones.


  1. An intact wheatfield

  2. A tanks moves in from the left waltzing down the wheat.

  3. Tank moves out at the right and leaves a destroyed wheatfield

Campaign in Second Language

Headline: "The floods took everything. Including the hospital." The copy text refers to the reconstruction of destroyed health centres after floodings.


  1. A syringe moves in from the right, slightly drifing , ascending bubbles of air

  2. Syringe slowly drifts out at the left

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

Headline: "Loosing your existence. In 11 seconds." The copy text refers to quake relief by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe.


  1. An intact clock face

  2. The clock starts shaking, and gets chapped

  3. The watch hands fall down

Claim Check (German)

I confirm that based on a quick Google search, my claim seems to be free to use.

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