A New Chapter
My approach is visualizing the goal of getting people back to normal and be independent.


My keyvisual is a book as a metaphor of life. Sometimes sites get partially damaged or destroyed – so the only right reaction is to move on and write a new, better chapter. Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe is supporting people to turn their page and continue writing their life as they want. The visual could be easily animated (turning pages telling a story, had not enough time to elaborate).

Campaign in Second Language

Engl. "A new chapter for people in need."

Further Elaboration of The Campaign

Storyboard: I imagine it to be animated as a stop motion movie. There are various options for the second scene (flood/water, wind/storm, fire/drought, war, torn apart/earthquake – even eventually bullets hitting the paper?). This makes it possible to tell a diverse story in a very concentrated way.

Claim Check (German)

I confirm that based on a quick Google search, my claim seems to be free to use.