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In the aftermath of earthquakes, storms, floods, droughts or for those fleeing violent conflicts Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe has been providing help all over the world for 60+ years.  The NGO supports people who are unable to overcome their hardship on their own, regardless of religion, skin colour or nationality - their motto is “ready to help, ready to act, globally” (Weltweit hilfsbereit - weltweit tatkräftig).

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe works with local partner organizations and is a member of the worldwide humanitarian assistance network ACT Alliance. This means they can be on location whenever and wherever help is needed. They respond quickly, reliably and effectively. Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe are able to support an average of 150 initiatives every year. They launch incident-specific fundraising campaigns whenever a large crisis occurs to fund this work with donations.

Aside from first response to acute incidents, a large part of their work is to make sure people are better prepared for future disasters and therefore reduce the potential consequences - e.g. with early warning systems and trainings for evacuations. They are equally dedicated to providing long term redevelopment support after a crisis has been overcome. This means that Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe want to expand their fundraising activities and create an image campaign that can run continually:

They need an ongoing image campaign that will boost public awareness about their work and their mission. This steady public awareness can in turn help to bring in a steady stream of donations - all year round, and not just following an acute crisis. They are looking to you, the jovoto community, for creative ideas and communication concepts!

This project will be open for submissions on January 8th 2019.

This is an open call to creatives and digital innovators. Sign up today, read the brief, and let your creative juices flow!


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