Flag of proud City!


I was thinking how to make a logo that says - “I am the Capital of Hockey”!? I was wondering… what is the first thing you do when you are the Capital of something? It’s raise your flag – of course!

What is the focus or core idea of your design?

I always try to be simple and clear. This time I used the hockey stick to raise the flag on it. It’s a waving red flag with simplify form of white castle – the symbol of City of Hamburg. Together they make a visually clear symbol that present Hamburg as Capital of hockey!

Will your logo make players feel proud wearing it?

Definitely! I’m sure this logo expresses proud feeling and players would be proud wearing it!

Will your design also drum up enthusiasm amongst passionate hockey fans as well as sponsors?

This logo is very simple and clear so it would communicate very easy with hockey fans and sponsors.

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