Hockey Field
The goal was to show where the sport is played and the tools used to play it.


To the layman, hockey is closely associated with ice hockey. My goal is to have the viewer look for a broader definition of hockey. As you can see in my design, the tools of the sport occupy a prominent position in the foreground. The grass field (represented by the green line) is the pathway, linking the foreground with the background. The symbol of Hamburg is represented by the black castle (in the background) over looking the field.

What is the focus or core idea of your design?

I what the tools of the sport to become the symbol of the sport. The city of Hamburg occupies a place on field to symbolize it importance to the sport.

Will your logo make players feel proud wearing it?

Yes! The conditions of that day are all part of a great experience. The weather, mood of the crowd and the smell of the grass are factors in determining whether the players enjoy the sport. I wanted my design to remind the player of the best moments on the field.

Will your design also drum up enthusiasm amongst passionate hockey fans as well as sponsors?

While the player experience is important, the fans experience is also just as important. The smell of grass on nice sunny day helps defines the experience.