Two hockey players crosses their sticks and the white field between them shows the crest of Hamburg


I wanted to create a logo which combine a hockey player with the crest symbol of Hamburg in a different way. So you can see the church of the Hamburger crest in the white field between the two hockey players - standing back to back holding their hockey stick up in the sky. While I have considered alternative approaches, I am most confident that this route will serve the project best. I hope you like it :)

What is the focus or core idea of your design?

The focus of my design is, two show, that HOCKEY is an important element of Hamburg. Like the church in the crest of Hamburg. So I show two hockey players which build the church while they are standing back to back. The white field between them shows the identifying feature of Hamburg.

Will your logo make players feel proud wearing it?


Will your design also drum up enthusiasm amongst passionate hockey fans as well as sponsors?