BRAND LOGO "Hockey Hauptstadt Hamburg" inspiring pride in community and a strong team spirit.


Hamburg's colors: blue, red and white on white. No yellow, gold or black as main colors. The symbol of the city of Hamburg as a crown on the shield - a means of protection, power and strength. The crossed hockey sticks emblematic of the sport and signifying both competition and unity of focus on the ball appearing below. The 29 references the teams in community and the eleven encompassing stars noting the value of each individual on each of the 29 teams. The Legacy of Championship - Iconic.

What is the focus or core idea of your design?

Design a logo referencing the sport of hockey, the city of Hamburg, black on white and color on white attracting and representing affluent and intelligent sports individuals who are socially neworked around this sport, its dominant standing and its prestigious exclusivity. Incorporate the value of teamwork in competition, the respect for each of the eleven players on a team for their contribution to team success and league notoriety, and the sense of cohesive community among the 29 teams.

Will your logo make players feel proud wearing it?

The logo represents their community (Hamburg crown on shield), their legendary contribution to putting their community and sport on the global map (slogan of "Hockey Hauptstadt Hamburg), their unique presence on each team referenced by an encompassing star, their commitment to competition and comraderie in the crossed sticks with a determined focus on the ball and the goal set before it (world recognition), and the reciprocal loyalty and spirit of the 29 teams referenced as the foundation.

Will your design also drum up enthusiasm amongst passionate hockey fans as well as sponsors?

Everyone wants to support a winning team and a winning city. This logo represents the legend of each player, each team and the city that keeps appearing at the winner's circle. We reach for the stars and capture them. We focus on the goal and achieve it. We invest in each player, and each team for the world to recognize us as victors. Should more teams evolve, older numbered items (greater than 29 teams represented in subsequent editions) will become collector's items for aficionados.

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