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Gemeinschaft im Zentrum des Hockey-Sports // Community and cohesion at the center of hockey


The icon is reduced to the essentials and thus well rememberable. Community and connection are symbolized with crossed bats that are deliberately facing each other. The red circle symbolizes the ball and is positioned in the center as a link between the two figures that arise from it. The logo is center-aligned, which underlines the idea that Hamburg is the center of this sport.

What is the focus or core idea of your design?

Eine klare und für die Zielgruppe ansprechende Identität schaffen, die flexibel und praktikabel in der Anwendung ist: einprägsame Form, vielseitige Symbolik und treffende Typografie. Tonalität: klar, reduziert, hochwertig, zentriert, sportiv-elegant, zeitlos // Create an identity, which is clear and appealing to the target group, flexible and practical in use: catchy design, versatile symbolism and striking typography. Tonality: clear, minimalistic, exclusive, centered, sporty, elegant, timeless

Will your logo make players feel proud wearing it?

Das Logo eignet sich besonders gut für Stickerei und Druck auf Trikots. Die Gestaltung mit den (dem Hamburg-Wappen entlehnten) Sternen geben den Premium-Look. // The logo is particularly suitable for embroidery and printing on shirts, and it shows a premium look (not only because of the two red stars, like in the coat of arms of Hamburg).

Will your design also drum up enthusiasm amongst passionate hockey fans as well as sponsors?

Use in branding (print & digital) can be handled easily. In certain applications it is necessary to use icon and text separately. This can be implemented particularly well in this design, as well as strong reductions. By combining the Logo with other graphical elements of corporate design we reach an emotional and striking visual appearance. This emphasizes the conciseness of the logo, and everybody – players, fans and sponsors – will identify themselves very well with the branding.

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