In a Network State of Mind

Create a loud-but-simple product positioning for one of Cisco’s most versatile routers.


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Wow, Amazing Contest, ssssssssssss

Several links give an error code.

They are on dropbox and you need an account there, i think

I added the dropbox links to the actual download section, it should all work now!

Sorry you too Tyby82. But I have a dropbox account and it didn´t work. But it is solved now.

Does not work for me :( Still get 403s

Hey Mepusio, it should really work, I tried it in several browser, logged in as well as logged out. If the problem continues please contact me via private message and we'll solve it out together ok? thx.

Working now, maybe my cache was not cleared. Thx nsonne!

Very interesting task!

Hi Cassandra, I don't if it is my British understanding of English or something else, but I have problem understanding the task definition could please clarify these lines:

  1. The submitted concepts need to deliver the following: The reason why a business would want to buy the ISR G2, based on at least one of the value propositions above. For example, one concept can deal solely with security. Another submission can focus on cloud. Or feel free to explore options where more than one is included in a mock-up (e.g. security + cloud readiness)

  2. A headline plus 2-3 lines of copy and a visual representation (e.g. poster, video) of the reason why.


Hey designmeagain,

it's kind of a tricky task, so don't blame your English ;) Let me try to make it clearer.

1) Choose one or more of the value propositions stated in the briefing (security, cloud and video/rich media) 2) For this singular or combination of value propositions, create a reason why (you know, the reason why is based on the value proposition, however it's not the same) 3) For this reason why (It's one reason why, even if it includes more than one value proposition!) create a headline, a 2-3 lines copy and a visual.

Hope that's a little clearer?

So if I got right, they need first an explanation of one's concept (the reason why)

and then a visual plus headline and a copy, or is a headline, visual and copy enough?

Hey designmeagin -

You are correct - in first explaining the concepts and the reasons why. ( i.e. The value proposition that you have chosen : security, rich media an cloud)

You can create a visual with the headline and cop on it.

If you have any other questions just let me know. : )


Hi Cassandra, for the german market or international?

I guess the server is down or something, my visual are not loading,....

was it really down? anyways, I see you managed to upload it, right?

So far there are some great concepts coming on for this challenge. Keep up the great work everyone! : )

We are really excited at Cisco to see so many creative and compelling concepts that have been generated by the jovoto community, and some fantastic engagement and feedback by all!

Remember that these ideas should focus on the three value propositions (security, video/rich media, cloud readiness) first and foremost -- the Cisco and ISR G2 brand is secondary to showing a clear message around what it can do for your business.

We look forward to the rest of the challenge. Keep up the great work, and thank you!

oh my... I can´t help it, I need to participate! :-)

Hey Guys where is the briefing text?

Can you see everything fine now? There is nothing wrong that I can see.

Now it is ok again! Thanks.

What is the poster's format/size?

You can choose the format on your own!

Unable to submit Idea. :(

I know we spoke already but let me know if you are having any more issues with uploading. : )

Yup only with writing tags and bold the letters.

When are the results coming?? ;)

what about 3 weeks...

Hello everyone sorry about the long delay.

The contest is now closed and in the coming weeks there will be a choice of the chosen concepts that Cisco is interested in.

Congrats to all of you for such a great contest! There is really great work in there., Cisco is very happy with the results and is going to have a very hard time going over them all to chose with to license.

: ) Happy days.

Congrats to all the winners !

Congrats to all the winners great work guys!!!

Congrats to all the winners!!!