loud rain
Taking an organic approach to a technological problem. Rain of loud information which promotes strength, growth and roots. Let the Cloud nourish your business.


My submission focuses on Cloud Readiness. My headline is: Cloud Computing Grounds and Grows Your Business. My body copy is the rain of information taken from the Cloud Readiness pdf. 

Briefing called for "loud" image to represent concept, so here are some slides that stand alone as connected visuals to the core message on slide 4.

Alluring, loud message that pulls the reader in to dissect the information and absorb it in a whole new way. Part Matrix, part fun. The server is nourished by the Cloud application and flourishes into a sustainable garden of networks that run efficiently.


As businesses utilize the cloud, they are delivered networks that can deliver agile, optimized, and secure services. The Cloud provides nourishment. This cloud design concept provides the management and services to connect devices, easily secure cloud services, and optimize applications; all of which grows into a flourishing business garden.

The rain consists of the same five sales points repeated. They are as follows:

1) Improved Security

2) Regulatory Compliance

3) Critical in-house Functionality such as Application Optimization

4) Monitor your Environment

5) Insure Max Availability

I'm not too good with animations however for web banners and flash, the rain of words would be gently moving down and recycling in a dynamic way. The heavy grey clouds will tremble and expand with lightening above the city of networks.

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