Elite Cloud Security
Creating buzz around the ISR G2, using a fictional organisation called "Elite Cloud Security"


Create a loud but simple product positioning for one of Cisco's most versatile routers.....
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<div>My campaign focuses on two of the value

propositions outlined in the brief, cloud readiness and security. I chose these two because the cloud is a new concept that is exciting to design for and data security has been in the media a lot recently.

Bringing together the terms �cloud� and �security� conjured up an image in my mind of an airborne defence platform, much like something that Gerry Anderson would have dreamt up in the 1960's, alongside Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. This lead me to create a fictional organisation called �Elite Cloud Security�, on which to base my campaign idea.

Essentially the idea is about creating a physical representation of digital security and cloud readiness in a fun and visually appealing way.

I've depicted a hangar scene with a futuristic looking sky-craft and it's pilot, both brandishing the name of the organisation. I've kept the scene bright and clean with an interesting sci-fi element that should appeal to the target group.

Aside from the sneaky inclusion of the �ISR-G2� text on the side of the sky-craft, the campaign is entirely brand neutral. However internet searches of �Elite Cloud Security� would bring up a website for the fictional organisation, eventually leading to actual information on the ISR-G2 router.

I believe the campaign would certainly spark curiosity in the viewer, as it grabs their attention but only hints at the nature of the product being advertised.

Questions and ideas welcome

F.A.B! Trev

p.s Eagle eyed among you will notice F1 driver Nic Heidfeld posing for my advert, no I haven't paid for his endorsement of my idea! I have merely manipulated his likeness for the purpose of this concept. Realisation of my idea would require a similar model

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