CISCO the future
the future is here and now is the time!


the idea is a combination of the necessary elements such as name and picture of the ISR G2 with a short comprehensive text that gives all vital information to target group. Here comes the text " Solid Network Routing Solution That Provides Secure, Agile & Optimized Cloud Services And Processes Seamless Enhanced Multimedia Content." which I think is a straight-to-the-point message for ISR G2 features, nevertheless gives the opportunity for lower-management and non-professionals related to IT Department to understand that ISR is the equipment required for their network and the horizontal & vertical passage of information within network but also the gate for secure internet with the global. All these are under a inspirational moto " the future is here and now is the time!" which wants to denote these two following points. Firstly ('the future is here') that ISR G2 is a technologically advanced product (aim to fullfil present and future needs of the businesses network) and secondly ('and now is the time'), that potential buyer should seek information thinking that -Competition - may have allready upgrade their system with an ISR G2. It also works as a positive advertisement of the fact that buying it now will give you the advantage against competition. Finally, the "What did you expect?" works double way meaning that firstly is related to the text above (which points the technological advantages of ISR G2, as the descriptive text but also is related to the manufacturer which is CISCO a leading manufacturer in these products (i.e. you couldn't expect less from CISCO). Finally it is also related to the "future is here and now is the time" trying to point that the potential buyer should expect to update IT network components such as the router because technology develops so are dangers (hacking, trojans, viruses).

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