The IT-Club'S Security Guard
The Router's tasks are quite comparable to those of a doorman - entry control, securing the safety around and within the place, staying cool and calm regardless of the hectic around hin . Well, yes, smartness should be evident, too.


It-Girl, It-Bags - There are many things next to IT that are it.

So why not use this? Just to make the products much more lively than it is said to be.
Indeed, it is "just" a machine. And probably of very low interest (except amongst the target group mybe, but even there it might be seen unemotinally as a necessity).

Hence we wanted to put some emotions to it. Positive emotions. Enjoying life safely is of high interest.

What's more:
You could create a whole "IT-WORLD" around the "IT-CLUB". This analogy stand out of the very technically based (and easily exchangeable) communication within in this field - and so does the communication which may well lead to the perception that CISCO products are the ones that are outstanding, too. -> And this must be the final goal of any brand communication.

The first step, however, is  to transform an IT product to an It-Product.