The future is clean and clear with Cisco's ISR G2
The future is clean and clear with Cisco's ISR G2


One of the key features (benefit) of Cisco's ISR G2 is security, it keeps your system safe every second that passes. My idea was to show how the problem of network attacks has been an existing fact since a long time ago.

The white space in each chart represents the effort that has been made so far, and that still being made by other technology security system.

The evolution is that the future will still account problem but not in houses where the ISR G2 is present,� that is why the chart is still tall (meaning problems will keep on increasing in the future) but if you have the ISR G2, you will have nothing to worry about because your system will be crystal clear clean of all possible network attacks.

- The reason why

It is simple, if you want a clean and secure future for your network, you know what to get,� Cisco's ISR G2


With the form in which the idea is presented, Cisco's can for sure develop so many things through this motive and extend their campaign idea as desired.